'Rep. DesJarlais a howling hypocrite' and more Letters to the Editors

'Rep. DesJarlais a howling hypocrite' and more Letters to the Editors

October 21st, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Rep. DesJarlais a howling hypocrite

U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais is arguing his innocence from a false position.

The commandment is "Do not commit adultery," not "Do get your mistress pregnant."

If he had behaved himself, he wouldn't have these problems. He is a howling hypocrite.


Dayton, Tenn.

East Ridge needs Gravitt, Manning

I had the opportunity to attend the forum for the candidates for the two seats on the East Ridge City Council. First, let me say that Chris Carroll of the Chattanooga Times Free Press did an awesome job as moderator. He is well versed on the issues concerning East Ridge and performed his job very well.

After hearing what each candidate had to say, or not say, in one particular case, I feel the very best choices for these two seats are Marc Gravitt and Denny Manning. Marc Gravitt is an honest businessman with a proven track record for his concern for the city of East Ridge. Denny Manning has served on the council for the past eight years and has been one of the few who has the best interest of East Ridge at heart.

On Nov. 6, I urge you to cast your vote for Marc Gravitt and Denny Manning.


East Ridge

If registered, vote; if not, be silent

Georgia voters: Regardless of whom you support, just make sure you vote this week during the early voting period; or on Tuesday, Nov. 6. For those who are not a registered voter and therefore unable to cast your opinions/beliefs to the nation, please be silent, as your American duty has been abandoned.


Dalton, Ga.

Reduce the military to 'lean and mean'

Romney attacks President Obama's efforts to cut military spending. How out of touch can he be?

The Soviet Union and Saddam Hussein are gone, Afghanistan is winding down and China poses no serious military threat, yet our military budget is higher today than the next 18 nations combined. How superior does our military potential need to be?

We spend over four times what China spends on defense. Wouldn't two or three times keep us safe enough? China shows no stomach for an arms race.

We maintain 737 military installations in 130 countries around the world. While 100 of these are Marine embassy detachments, that still leaves over 600 other bases. This could conceivably spread us so thin that we couldn't respond quickly enough to a major attack.

In his farewell address, President Eisenhower warned against the military-industrial complex.

This monster has mushroomed exponentially since 1961 into a powerful lobby of retired generals, admirals and congressmen committed to maintaining the highest possible level of military spending, irrespective of geopolitical realities.

Defending against terrorists is more of an intelligence and special-forces operation, not one of massive military response. We need to reconfigure our military, economize and cut back to "lean and mean."



Return Wallace to Signal council

We support our friend, Bill Wallace, for re-election to the Signal Mountain Town Council. We've known Bill since Paul served with him on the MACC Board when Bill was chairman. Bill and his wife, Cissy, are faithful and active members of our church, St. Timothy's Episcopal Church. Bill's professional background in communications and business as a television news director has prepared him well for the council.

For the past two years, Bill has served our town as an independent voice, listening to our citizens and voting his conscience. He supports what's best for all citizens of Signal Mountain. He opposed last year's unnecessary property-tax increase. He supports keeping Signal Mountain's parks in the hands of citizens of Signal Mountain. He's increased availability of financial information on the town's website so citizens can be better informed. He opposed a pay raise for the town manager that was out of proportion to other town employees' pay raises. His philosophy is politically and fiscally conservative, but he believes in good government and knows the citizens of our town support high quality, efficient services. His knowledge of our town is impressive. We urge your vote for Bill Wallace for re-election to the Town Council.


Pruett leads by example

Ann Pruett earned my vote for East Ridge City Council a long time ago.

Her support for East Ridge youth and community programs is something we can't forget.

Pruett's commitment and leadership to the East Ridge Library and East Ridge History Center have been a valuable asset to our community and providing a quality tool to area schools. And the effect Camp Jordan Park has had on the lives of our young people shows Ann's appreciation of sports programs for our children.

Ann Pruett leads by example and has shown my family that she will offer nothing but the best when she handles business on the East Ridge City Council. I believe Ann is caring, concerned and committed to keeping this city pumping.


East Ridge

Beliefs taught in Mormonism

As a former 30-year Mormon, this is what I was taught and believed:

  1. God was once a man who elevated himself to become a god. 2. Jesus Christ and Satan were my spirit brothers. 3. God, the father, was from the star Kolob. 4. There were an endless number of gods in existence. 5. I was on a path to godhood by following the teachings of Mormonism. 6. God wanted me to make blood oath covenants with him in a Mormon temple to give everything (time, talent, money -- even my life if necessary) to build up the kingdom of God on earth (the Mormon church). 7. Every person on earth had been born in the spirit in "pre-existence" to god the father, and a heavenly mother. 8. Someday when the Constitution of the United States "hung by a thread," the Mormon Priesthood would rise up and save the country with their perfect form of government (using Mormon Priesthood authority). 9. There was a living prophet on earth who receives revelation for the whole world, and speaks for God. 10. Polygamy would be practiced in the next life (an eternal principle from Mormon Scripture -- Doctrine and Covenants 132).


Birchwood, Tenn.

Record supports Millard re-election

Education. Experience. Lifelong commitment to civil service. This is Monty Millard. His decades serving Red Bank's interest shows: parks, lamp-lined sidewalks, community involvement and other improvements. Phase one of construction to level the roads is near completion. Phase two brings the final paving, and residents will be happy.

Millard's not afraid of tough issues like red-light cameras that some say drove business away from restaurants and shops. He voted to remove the cameras hoping to eradicate any negative perception of possible fines should anyone come to our town. Mayor Millard knows they can revisit the topic in the future to weigh any safety issues.

Millard's served 10 years as commissioner. Red Bank's operated a budget surplus for seven years. His 37 years in commercial and retail bank management benefit the citizens.

All politicians' visionary platforms stand on the economy, education, schools, taxes, safe communities, working with others, and desiring a vibrant and healthy community. Words are cheap.

Commissioners should be elected for what they bring to the table, their proven track record, and not a popularity contest. Vote for business acumen and a history of service necessary to serve complex issues of running a municipality. Vote to re-elect Monty Millard.


Red Bank

Bivens a man of high integrity

Soddy-Daisy has an incredible opportunity to elect a good man to the City Commission. I have known Mark Bivens for quite some time, and he is a man of high integrity. Mark Bivens will be a great commissioner in Soddy-Daisy, and I encourage the community to cast a vote for an extremely qualified candidate.



Obama doesn't deserve re-election

It is unfortunate that the nation will have to again select between two candidates who are marginal contenders. There is the incumbent who has failed to implement acceptable domestic or foreign policy and failed in his "promise." The other candidate makes ambitious claims and leaves doubt about how his policies would work. However, the incumbent has proven that his policies are ineffective, and he does not deserve another four years in office.

It also is disappointing that your editors are so politically biased. If you attack a candidate for their foreign business dealings, then be sure to criticize the policies of the current administration that pressured lenders into supplying subprime mortgages to individuals who could not afford them, thus greatly contributing to the housing meltdown and the current Great Recession. In addition, the current administration doesn't have a foreign policy and may not know what that is. The current administration is the worst in decades.


Obama clears many obstacles

President Obama, America's first African-American president, has faced unprecedented obstacles. He was called to clean up the George Bush disaster, while facing the malevolence of Republican race baiters. He has been subjected to the vilest racist hatred and has responded to it with calmness and poise.

No president has had to tolerate a congressman yelling "you lie" during a State of the Union or another calling him "boy." No president has faced an opposition that is willing to destroy America to defeat his initiatives. No president has faced such irrational hatred or withstood continuous racial slurs such as "food stamp president."

Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham recently said that America was not producing enough "old, angry, white men" to keep his party in power, clearly acknowledging the racial hatred that fuels Republican demagoguery.

After eight years of George Bush, the most incompetent president in U.S. history, it has been refreshing to have a president who is intelligent, articulate, and cares about all Americans. GM is alive. Bin Laden is dead and our president has shown that he has the courage to make tough decisions in the face of blind hatred from the nattering nabobs of negativity.


Why can't DesJarlais change his views?

Some years ago, I was very much pro-choice. After some time, research, and thought I changed my views and am now very much pro-life.

Why has Dr. Scott DesJarlais not been allowed to have reconsidered his views on the same topic and changed his mind? The so-called "transcript" of a private telephone conversation is over 10 years old. Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat; he changed his mind.

What is in his heart now? Has anyone in the media, in their rush to judgment, bothered to ask him that?

My husband and I have known the DesJarlais family personally for several years and find the doctor to be a straightforward and honest man. His Democrat opponent calls him hypocritical. As to hypocritical, Mr. Stewart does not mention that a pro-abortion plank is a vital part of the Democrat platform.

Dr. DesJarlais is the most open and available congressman I have ever seen. He has traveled around his district meeting with voters and asking them of their concerns and views. From Washington he has hosted numerous phone conferences with his constituents where they also are able to express their views and ask questions.


Sewanee, Tenn.

Stances prevent voting for anyone

And now the dilemma to vote?

I cannot vote for Mitt Romney for his stance on Medicare, Social Security and his love of hiding his money -- and trickle down doesn't work!

I cannot vote for Barack Obama because of his stance on same-sex marriage, which is a direct offense to God.

Oh, I will vote for other offices as I have voted in 16 presidential elections -- just not this time.

Sorry, you will have to come up with better candidates to run this country to deserve my vote for a leader.


Athens, Tenn.