Thanks for the history series and other letters to the editors

Thanks for the history series and other letters to the editors

December 27th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Thanks for the history series

You've done a great job in running the Sunday history essays explaining how Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge fell to the Yankees. I never understood how easily it seemed to happen, but your historians explained it well. I was struck by how correct General Forrest was when he told General Bragg that if they followed the Yankees into Chattanooga, they could bag the whole Northern army. But Bragg decided on a siege tactic instead, and the victory at Chickamauga went for naught. While passing out praise, I would also applaud the columns of David Cook. We are quite fortunate to have a writer of his stature and insight. His columns are interesting, thought-provoking, and hit the nail on the head time after time. Keep up the good work, Mr. Cook.

RONALD CUMBIE, Chattanooga

Why is president off on vacation?

While our country is drowning in a deficit of trillions of dollars and the average family can barely afford a long weekend vacation to a local amusement park, President Obama and his family pack up and travel to Hawaii for a Christmas vacation. Of course this is paid totally by the toil and sweat of the American taxpayers. What is this man thinking? He seems to "thumb his nose" at his countrymen each day when he arrives at his office in the White House to begin whatever his duties are on that day in history. He disregards our country's Constitution and what it has stood for in our history. Of course, I do not hear my senators or congressman from Georgia standing up to him in any way. Both parties have no leadership or these things would not be happening. Our great country is in deep trouble.


Debt limit not in Constitution

For all the legal sticklers out there, the Constitution gives Congress the power to borrow money, but says nothing of a debt limit. That is something a bygone Congress made up. That said, I would like to suggest a solution to our problem that the Catholic Church has used for centuries. When a pope dies, the College of Cardinals is convened and locked in a room until a new pope is chosen. I propose that the Capitol police round up a quorum of House members, thrust them into the House chamber and lock the doors (taking care to keep locked out the Republican, tea party, lunatic-fringe who have gleefully caused this crisis). Those members locked in would get no food, water, outside communication or bathroom breaks until they have done the job for which they were elected.