'Reporter's description appears subjective' and more letters to the editors

'Reporter's description appears subjective' and more letters to the editors

February 13th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Reporter's description appears subjective

Reporter Chris Carroll recently described several House Republicans as, "gun-toting hunters and sportsmen." From all the appropriate adjectives he could have used, he chose the pejorative "gun-toting?" You say you give the news impartially. Maybe Mr. Carroll didn't get the memo.

GARY SARRATE, Collinsville, Ala.

Freedom from religion shouldn't have power

When does a group calling itself Freedom from Religion get to come in and decide what we do or do not want? People who do not want God in their country, or to deal with others who do, ought to go and live in the desert or maybe Saudi Arabia. See how much freedom from anything you get there.

These folks come in and rant and rave over women singing songs, or make sure that we don't pray before a meeting. They seem to be the same ones that make sure there is no peace, that we have no joy, and surely do not have a lick of righteousness going on. I guess they prefer children who are miserable and don't get to hear a song about the Lord (who is good). And yet we have to bow to their demands. When did any of us who have an ounce of goodness ever want that?

PENNY KEERAN, Ringgold, Ga.

More gun laws won't help stave off crime

A recent Times editorial titled "The logic gap on guns" leaves me contemplating that the logic gap may be on behalf of the person who wrote this. The editorial uses the example of a person selling guns illegally trading with another person who trades stolen guns, then comes to the conclusion that had a background check been required this would not have happened.

We have two people who are disregarding all existing laws and the writer concludes that another law would have prevented this from happening. I have a problem following this logic. How about sending a reporter to find how many of the people involved in shootings in Chattanooga were in legal possession of the firearm used?


Simmons' work ethic would be asset to city

Priscilla Simmons is exactly the type person needed in government. She is intelligent, ethical, diligent and a hard worker. I worked with Priscilla for 15 years in finance at the city. She understands the interactions of the departments of city government as well as budgeting and finance. She would be an excellent city commissioner.