White House firearms plan is ignorant and other letters to the editors

White House firearms plan is ignorant and other letters to the editors

February 14th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

White House firearms plan is ignorant

The Now Is The Time plan from the White House will not lessen injuries and deaths caused by firearms. Background checks didn't stop the killings in Aurora, Colo., or Newtown, Conn. Making it impossible for a private citizen to transfer a firearm will not save lives.

"Assault weapon" is a political term. An assault rifle is one capable of fully automatic fire and with a shortened barrel to allow its deployment in confined spaces. We already restrict automatic weapons and short-barreled rifles, so banning "assault weapons" is about the appearance, not the function, of a firearm.

Most people are shot by criminals who use cheap handguns, which are not a part of the White House plan. Setting arbitrary limits on magazines will serve to make the millions of Americans whose guns hold more than ten rounds into instant criminals and will not stop real crime.

Much fantasy goes into NITT. Armor-piercing rounds that are already restricted, curio and relic firearms that are supposedly being turned into machine guns, setting the Consumer Product Safety Commission to regulating how guns and ammo are stored.

The White House plan was drafted in ignorance. They met with the lobbyists, but seem to be ignoring the citizens they represent. Yes, keep criminals and violent mental patients off the streets, but leave the few hundred million of us who don't fit those categories alone.


Mitchell a strong voice for district 2

Please join me in support of Jerry Mitchell for City Council District 2. I've known and been good friends with Jerry for nearly 40 years, and know him well. I remember him traveling for a company doing business in almost 30 countries. More recently, he traveled the southeastern United States working on large developments. Jerry's love, though, is Chattanooga. Most special to him is North Chattanooga, where he grew up and lives.

Jerry has experience in public service. He worked for two of our finest mayors, Kinsey and Corker, leading parks and recreation. He was directly involved in helping make this city the wonderful place it is to live and raise a family.

The residents of District 2 will benefit because Jerry is willing to serve again. Vote for Mitchell to be your voice. He is a leader that you be proud to have, not only in District 2, but all of Chattanooga.