'Editorial omitted facts on studio' and more letters to the editors

'Editorial omitted facts on studio' and more letters to the editors

June 1st, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Editorial omitted facts on studio

Your March 17 editorial on the city's pottery studio made it quite clear that you had never visited the studio. Had you been there you would have found yourself welcomed and treated extremely well by the instructors.

Your article had a number of obvious omissions. You omitted the fact that the studio has not been funded to make any improvements over the years.

The equipment dates back to the eighties. You said the city purchased the clay but omitted that the potters then pay for the clay which refunds the expense of the purchase.

You omitted the fact that Chattanooga is a strong supporter of the arts and that a number of individuals who started off using the city's pottery facility are now reputable potters who have gone on to start their own business in Chattanooga. Not every individual can afford to use "private" studios.

Bet you're not willing to write an article for closing the city's subsidized recreation department and tell all those individuals to go use all the private athletic facilities.


Idea of equality appears one-sided

House Speaker John Boehner is outraged by reports that some groups may have been treated less favorably than others by the IRS. Meanwhile, for over two years Speaker Boehner has been spending taxpayer money on outside lawyers to defend the Defense of Marriage Act all the way to the Supreme Court.

This law requires not only the IRS but the entire federal government to treat some married couples less favorably than others. It sounds like his idea of equality is one-sided.

GREG GLOSS, Cleveland Tenn.

Are cheaters target of IRS?

Seems like I have read stories in the Times Free Press that the responsibility of the IRS was to investigate and report on groups who are not paying their fair share of taxes or using loopholes to not pay any taxes.

Could it be the IRS agents are taking a page out of the bank robbers book. When asked why they robbed banks, they replied, "That's where the money is." Could it be the groups they are targeting are where the cheaters are?