Obama's opponents are courageous and other letters to the editors

Obama's opponents are courageous and other letters to the editors

November 14th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Obama's opponents are courageous

What Jack Brown did to local investors and friends is what Barack Obama is doing to all of America. "Yes we can!" have impossible returns, spending without consequences, more health care without cost. "Of course, I want people to have health care. I just didn't realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally." Oops. As Brown lived the high life by squandering the earnings of those who trusted him, so Obama and company are squandering our wealth and that of our children. The pain of betrayal and loss felt locally will one day be nationwide. When that day arrives, he will be safely shielded by his own fortune and guards. Until then everyone is hoping that "yes we can" devours the future and it still remains bright. The few courageous leaders who try to warn us and stop the madness -- like Senator Cruz -- are cursed and vilified. And Republicans who know better -- like Corker and Alexander -- vote to surrender the national checkbook in the face of unpopularity and media bullying. The longer the scam continues, the more unrecoverable the collapse will be. Until then, we are in denial, living the high life.

NATHAN SCHWENK Spring City, Tenn.

Raise awareness about gun laws

Trayvon Martin's name resounds in the bones of every person with a pulse no matter their stance on the situation. The actions of the media, courts, and public illustrated many gaps in the various institutions of the United States. The government can only do so much to control gun violence. However, when will people and institutions assume responsibility for the countless other children, teenager, and adults who perish from gun violence every year. I can go on and on about what these institutions can do but what will the people do? Will the people continue to support culture and subculture that glorifies violence? Or will the people raise awareness in their community? Will the people stop gun violence at its root? Everyone has a place in gun violence reform and every issue. The people can be stumbling blocks on the way to positive progress or stepping stones that show how we all have overcome and triumphed over issues presented before us.


Alcohol damages American families

Looks like the preachers have their work cut out for them. While the dealers in sin are licking their chops over the latest alcohol vote in Fort Oglethorpe, let these preachers remember their sacred responsibility to warn that "wine is a mocker, and strong drink is raging and whoso is deceived thereby is not wise." And also be reminded that that great grand-daughter of the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, has its finest blessing in that eternal document, giving preachers liberty to warn their people about the "evils of intemperance." Francis Willard Day was once kept in public schools for the purpose of teaching the children these evils. Ask the children if their homes are happier with boozing parents. Are these liquor leaders the ones who took the scriptures away from the football games at Lakeview High School?

JUNE GRIFFIN, Dayton, Tenn.

Equal justice in Puig case?

It was very interesting and informative to learn that Yasiel Puig (22-year-old Major League Rookie of the Year finalist, $42 million contract) was treated the "same as anybody else" when he drove 97 mph in a 50 mile zone. The same as anyone else? OK, so Joe Smith who works at Walmart would have the charges dismissed after 12 hours of community service? By the way. Yasiel's "community service" was signing autographs. Bet that was tough. He should have been picking up beer cans in Chattanooga, not signing autographs in L.A. Also Yasiel had a driver's license and no prior record of trying to kill someone with his car. How will that work for Joe? Prediction: Yasiel is in the right place. We'll see more about him in the future -- probably in the crime news. The "same treatment for everyone" is a good example of why people disrespect the judiciary. And why a lot of people quit following baseball.

CHARLES BURNS, Rocky Face, Ga.