'Health care reform is the law of the land' and more letters to the editor

'Health care reform is the law of the land' and more letters to the editor

October 8th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Health care reform is the law of the land

As a United States citizen, I cannot understand those elected representatives who voted for this incorrect government shutdown. We elected them to support the laws of the land. The Affordable Care Act is a law voted on and upheld by the Supreme Court and the majority of Americans want an expanded health-care system.

These elected representatives are supposed to uphold the laws of the land. They take oaths to uphold these laws, but we can bear witness that those who voted for the government shutdown do not uphold United States laws. We need to elect new representatives who will uphold the U.S. laws. I feel Americans cannot be held hostage by these elected officials. This government shutdown is not correct. Elected representatives are supposed to support what is best for the country and our economy. Shutting the government down, putting thousands of people out of work, is contrary to what is best for the country.

The President has continually submitted job bills to the House for improving the economy without success. Again, our economy is held hostage to poor House leadership.

Let's elect new House representatives!


Obamacare and the shutdown

Millions of Americans have overwhelmed Obamacare websites and call centers trying to get affordable health insurance. The Times Free Press (Oct. 2) reported on one local woman, Muriel Hassell, who has postponed surgery because she cannot afford health insurance without Obamacare. She skipped breakfast to go sign up.

So what have Rep. Fleischmann and his extremists conservative Republican colleagues in the U. S. House of Representatives done to help Ms. Hassell by supporting and improving Obamacare? Nothing! They've voted to kill it.

But Democrats control the Senate and the White House, so the Republican extremists could not kill Obamacare. Then what did they do? They shut down the government, hurting big and small businesses all over our country.

Republican representatives from other states are now ready to reopen the government. If House Speaker Boehner would allow a vote, a large majority of sane Republicans and Democrats would would vote to reopen.

Obamacare needs adjustments in the years to come. But in the meantime it will save a lot of American lives. In 2014 please vote for a candidate for the House who supports affordable health insurance and has enough common sense to protect our economy and keep our government open.