Upset with Comcast and other letters to the editors

Upset with Comcast and other letters to the editors

April 5th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Upset with Comcast

I would like to respond to Ellen Phillips' comments about the cost of cable. I too am very upset about this because my bundle recently went up to almost $200. I canceled my phone because I now have a cell-phone which is much cheaper. What upsets me is there is no governmental control about the cost of cable, and cable companies can charge whatever they want. I happen to have a friend who has the same bundle as me and pays $50 less than me. Certain cable companies sign you up on "promotional" prices and then increase the costs every year until you can no longer afford to stay with the company. Are you aware a certain cable company charges a rental rate for the modem in Tennessee at $7 a month while up north the customers can purchase their own modem for a cost of $10? Is that fair? I feel there should be more control over the cost of services so each customer is treated fairly and pays the same cost for their services as everyone else. I am a very upset Comcast customer.


Reader against price increase

I have been a reader of the Chattanooga Times Free Press for all 22 years that I have lived here. I had it delivered to my home for many of those years. But recently, I stopped at my local store to pick up the paper as I do every day. To my horror, the daily paper has doubled in price! It is now $1 for daily, and I am certain the Sunday paper has gone up as well, although I have no idea how much! It seems to me when technology is taking over and the printed newspapers are becoming a thing of the past, this was a bad move. I will no longer get a daily newspaper. I will instead watch my local news channels and have all the info I need. Shame on you, Chattanooga Times Free Press! Clearly your only concern is your profit line and not the citizens of this area who helped grow the paper to what it is. I am certain this will not be the only complaint you get. I hope you have enough people complaining about this new price that you will reconsider the bad decision that was clearly made before you alienate those of us who have supported the local paper. Bad move!