Support Fleenor for judge and other letters to the editors

Support Fleenor for judge and other letters to the editors

April 18th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Support Fleenor for judge

I am honored to join the swelling ranks of those who are endorsing Pam Fleenor for Chancery Court, including former Tennessee Supreme Court Chief Justice Mickey Barker and former Hamilton County Mayor and Gov. Haslam's former chief of staff, Claude Ramsey. I have known Pam since we were undergraduates at UTC, from which she received the Chapin Thomas scholarship from the Benwood Foundation to the University of Cincinnati College of Law. Pam and I began practicing law at different firms in 1986, and I admired her success in trying jury cases in Hamilton County and the surrounding area. She substantially broadened her experience when she shifted her practice to real estate and commercial litigation in the early 1990s. We were fortunate when she joined our law firm after serving as a compliance officer with an area bank. Pam brought to our law firm her remarkable intellect, ability to analyze complicated issues quickly and professionally, and varied experiences from a stellar career. Those qualities, together with her calm demeanor and poise, will transfer easily to the bench and help make her an outstanding jurist. Losing Pam from our law firm will be difficult, but the far greater good of Hamilton County will be served if you join me in voting for Pam Fleenor.

EVERETT L. (BO) HIXSON JR., Duncan, Hatcher, Hixson & Fleener, PC

Adams 'true to his word'

As a retired schoolteacher at East Ridge High School, I am asking that you vote to put Curtis D. Adams back into the District 8 Hamilton County Commission seat he previously held for 22 years. Curtis is a man who is always willing to help our schools, organizations, teachers, athletics and many more jobs that are needed. Curtis has proven over and over again he is honest and true to his word; when he tells you he will do something, he will look you eye to eye and make it happen. He is very knowledgeable on all aspects of county government and will be an added asset to getting things running smoothly again. Curtis and I would appreciate your vote on Election Day.


Casualties Not All Obama's

U.S. military casualties are all Obama's fault, according to a letter in a recent edition. The writer conveniently leaves out Iraq and G.W. Bush's unnecessary war. Maybe the writer needs a remedial course in history.


Bennett 'Best Qualified'

I am writing to show my support for J.B. Bennett for Hamilton County Circuit Court judge, Division I. I have practiced law in Hamilton County for 21 years and have tried numerous jury trials before numerous courts. Based on those experiences, I believe J.B. has the right qualities to be a fine judge and that he is the best qualified candidate to be our next Circuit Court judge. He has also earned a great reputation among his peers. Please join me and vote for J.B. Bennett.


Manuel Has More Experience

Pam Fleenor has put out a lot more signs than Joe Manuel, but he has a lot more experience in the law, which is what we need in a chancellor who is the judge of the Chancery Court. Manuel is the best one for this job. Vote for him in the coming election.


Earning Your Pay

Once again, our liberal brothers and sisters have brought forth the idea of equal pay. Nowhere in their rhetoric are the words production and proficiency mentioned. To the uninitiated, that means "earning your pay." Shouldn't this be part of the concept?

JOHN COLE, Chattanooga

Cokers back Henry

Lill and I have known Larry Henry and his family for almost 40 years. He was a successful businessman and a minister before entering public service. He has the ability and experience to be a great county clerk. He has indicated to me and others his desire to bring the office into the 21st century to better serve us all. Please join Lill and me in voting for Larry Henry for Circuit Court clerk in the upcoming election.

HAROLD COKER, Hamilton County Commissioner Emeritus

Ignore The Neo-Nazis

I would like to ask a favor of the people of Chattanooga and all the news outlets. The Neo-Nazi movement is plain evil. I realize we cannot stop them from coming to Chattanooga. They love publicity, and I believe the best way to counter them coming is to ignore them. Don't give them any publicity. They want attention, and what we should do is make Chattanooga quiet, as far as they are concerned. They want to cause riots and have the cops and gangs come out so they can talk trash. They want attention. I'm not giving them any.


Bennett's Service Impressive

As a Hamilton County resident, I am writing to express my strong support for J.B. Bennett for Circuit Court judge in the May 6 election. Besides Bennett's impeccable law career of over 20 years, his service to our community is just as important. Outside of practicing law, Bennett also works with various organizations such as Children's Advocacy Center, Kiwanis Club, Friends of Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, and he was also an appointed commissioner of the Hamilton County Election Commission. He has a genuine desire to give back to our community, and he would continue doing so as judge. Please join me in voting for J.B. Bennett for Circuit Court judge.


Sebelius Resignation Buried

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius' resignation was announced recently. Naturally this was done on a throwaway Friday for Saturday newspapers. But what bothers me is the Times Free Press burying this story in the middle of the business section. The resignation of the woman who helped botch the Obamacare rollout (and its subsequent problems) should have been front-page news. So why wasn't it?

SAM TAYLOR, East Ridge