Reader wants apology from David Cook and other letters to the erditors

Reader wants apology from David Cook and other letters to the erditors

August 28th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Reader wants apology from David Cook

Thank you for your work at the Times Free Press. I am sure it takes much wisdom and discretion as you review and approve articles written by your commentators. I have enjoyed reading David Cook, Clint Cooper and Mark Kennedy's columns and also Bo Wagner's Saturday publications. I was deeply saddened by David Cook's Aug. 8 article. I was offended he would dishonor my Lord in such disrespect. I realize everyone may not be Christians in Chattanooga, but I do not think your paper should condone insensitivity to our beliefs. Actually, I would be surprised if you printed that Allah or Mohammad is gay. I doubt it was all Christians who voted against allowing insurance benefits to live-in couples anyway. There were probably people who felt it wouldn't be fiscally prudent. I would like to ask an apology from Mr. Cook. I remember once he recanted statements he made in an article about people fishing or the game warden, so I know he is open to re-thinking his opinion. I will wait for two weeks, but if there is no apology, I will cancel my subscription. I would regret doing so, but I refuse to support an organization that condones open disrespect of a Holy God.


Headrick will get country on track

Many have lamented that the results of the Republican primary leave us "Stuck with Chuck." That's not true. We have a very well-qualified alternative. We have someone who is very knowledgeable on the issues, someone who won't sell out to lobbyists and big-monied interests and someone who will make us proud to represent the Tennessee 3rd District in Congress. Mary Headrick has been a teacher, a scientist, a mother/grandmother and a physician, but perhaps her biggest asset is her ability to get at the heart of problems to find solutions. You won't find her sitting on the sidelines obstructing progress. As a medical doctor, she understands the medical and insurance industry. She'll listen to her constituents' concerns, something we haven't seen much of in four years. We've sent Chuck to Washington for two terms, during which he has done little to nothing to help Tennessee or the country to recover from the 2008 financial disaster. He's not getting the job done. We need someone who isn't content with sitting on the bench. It's time for a change. Let's send Dr. Mary Headrick to Congress to get this country back on track.


Felonies should not be job disqualifier

When filling out an employment application, one of the questions asked is whether a felony conviction has been placed on one's record. If the "yes" block is checked, the application is almost assuredly headed for the trash. Should an applicant with a felony on his/her record ignore that question, or falsely say "no"; upon the background check coming back the application would be discarded. Felonies come in many flavors. Mass murder, multiple speeding tickets and DUIs can get you convicted of a felony, as can theft, assault and rape. Depending on the job being applied for, the reason for the felony may not or should not have any bearing on a person's ability to perform the job. Working in an office, or on an assembly line, repairing cars, or any other service position, can still be done even if one has a heavy foot on the accelerator. There are times when some explanations can justify actions that resulted in a felony. Employers are passing up some very talented applicants when they do not dig a little further into a person's background. A felony on an employment application should be questioned before the applicant is discarded.


Punish ISIS terrorists harshly

The American cry should be, "Remember James Foley." We should bomb the living Hades out of them. They are monsters and should not be left alive. Send them to Hades to join their master. They see the U.S. and Obama as weak. We need to give them hell as Harry Truman would say. I'll bet this wouldn't have happened if Ronald Reagan was president.