Health care is complex - and more letters to the editors

Health care is complex - and more letters to the editors

May 13th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Health care is complex

Hundreds of millions are being spent even early in the campaign year.

The lion's share has been spent by the health insurance companies, health care providers, American Bar/banker associations, Chambers of Commerce and an endless array of their friends and associates. In their view, it is a good investment.

As a former public contract administrator of a self-insured organization, insurance matters seldom occurred.

But in one instance, it came to my attention we were entitled to an insurance claim of a large amount. Since we were involved in many activities, we had our own experienced legal staff. In order to efficiently process the claim, our legal staff chose an outside firm specializing in insurance.

The point of this is our economic and legal systems are infinitely complex, which by necessity, requires Obamacare tax laws to be complex to cover contingencies and loopholes.

If you vote Republican, consider the alternative.

Hurling insults at the president doesn't represent a sound solution. You can be certain their plan may involve the need for you to hire a battery of attorneys to process your potentially large claim. And this will add administrative expense to the cost of your health coverage.

JOHN F. EARY , Ringgold, Ga.

Society tolerates left's agenda

Most Chattanoogans/Americans would claim to be the walking antithesis of Nazism, but how true is this claim?

Hitler tried to rationalize his genocide against Jews by telling himself they were subhumans, a non-uncommon tenet of our very culture. Some said the same about blacks pre-1865. We deprived women of the right to vote for a while.

Worst, we say the exact thing against the unborn, newly born, and the Terri Schiavos and go as far as murder.

No, America, we're not "different."

Ladies, that baby in your womb is no more your "property" than Jews were to Hitler or blacks were to plantation owners, and the liberal agenda has killed far more humans than Hitler did, and it, too, tries to rationalize (i.e. "choice," "contraception," "war on women," and other lies and abuses of semantics), and we, collectively tolerate this sickening agenda and said rationalization attempts.

Hitler has little on the left in America.


Racism trumps patriotism

I never thought I would live to see a black man elected president (twice).

But I truly never thought that so-called patriotic Americans would be criticizing the president and gushing over a murdering, Communist bully.

Racism apparently trumps patriotism. Sad. Sad. Sad.