Bennett can't fool me

This anti-Christ is a lover of perversion.

Exile this man to a Communist country where he will be much more at home and a happy idiot!

People like Clay Bennett will fool the TFP and Americans to its and your destruction.

Yet you glorify him. You are blind guides, becoming as worthless as you act.


Supporting voter ID law

I recently read in this newspaper that a federal judge struck down Wisconsin's voter ID law, declaring that showing a state-issued photo ID at the polls is an unfair burden on poor and minority voters.

Based on the judge's logic, the poor and minorities shouldn't have to have a state-issued driver's license to drive, shouldn't have to have ID to board a plane, shouldn't have to show ID to buy alcohol or tobacco, and shouldn't have to produce ID to cash a check.

Notice how the Obama administration only challenges swing states on voter ID laws and finds an activist federal judge to invalidate the law in the hopes of having enough dead people, illegals and multiple voters to change a red state to blue.

Obama would never challenge Tennessee's voter ID law because he knows he couldn't get enough illegal votes to make a difference.

GARY HAYES, Ooltwewah

Climate report has flawed data

In the May 15 paper, the "A Cure Worse Than The Disease" commentary is on the right track except for reliance on the National Climate Assessment just released by the Obama regime.

The assessment is based on flawed data analysis. Facts are often overlooked in an effort push the "climate change" threat so that more "experts" can feed at the government trough.

We are threatened with the rise in oceans sweeping over coastal cities due to melting of glaciers with no mention of the end of the Ice Age which did not cover the entire earth.

WILLIAM GODSEY, Crossville, Tenn.

Education is power

My granddaughter just graduated from the University of Iowa. I was unable to attend, which broke my heart.

At the last moment, I received an email from Cathryn, my granddaughter who graduated the year before, and an Internet link to the university live streaming video to the whole commencement. This was the first year they had tried a live stream.

Starting at 6 p.m. EST, I sat before my computer and saw the full hour. After all was said and done, they started calling the names of the graduates one by one. Suddenly, there she was and there was I, watching her walk across the stage to receive her degree in business.

Memories started flooding my mind. When they turned 3 years old, I started introducing my granddaughters to the library in Aiken, S.C. Every time I visited, they knew where they would be going.

Cathryn, a year after she graduated, debt free, received a call and signed a contract with a large international hospitality group as assistant manager.

Education is power, and no one can take it away from you.

HELEN MALMQUIST, Cleveland, Tenn.