Capital investment key to job creation

Hillary simply doesn't get it! By increasing the cost, risk, timing and sluggishness of capital investing, the U.S. will get less investing and investment turnover. This will damage our economy and reduce job creation.

Active stock and bond markets protect investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, insurance and investment enterprises, and citizen interests. Enlightened free-enterprise societies have active markets, which decentralize economic and business control and risk.

Thus, people and financial institutions are willing to invest in promising enterprises knowing full well that they can quickly exit a commitment if it goes sour and/or if a better opportunity arises.

Without that kind of confidence, the public would restrict its investments to sure things. Innovation and entrepreneurialism — the cornerstone of America's historic, economic prosperity and job growth — would be seriously diminished.

Like Obama and many Democrats and leftist progressives, Hillary apparently doesn't understand the importance of viable, high-velocity stock and bond markets. Obama raised investment taxation and thereby curtailed economic growth these past seven years.

Now Hillary promises to double down in the hope that an uninformed media and public will be attracted by this socialistic action.

William A. Pauwels Sr.


Honor the Confederate sacrifice, not symbol

I was born in the South. I have lived in the South all my life, as did my ancestors since the 1700s. My ancestors served in the Revolutionary War and some served in the Confederacy.

I love many things about the South, including the warm climate, beautiful terrain, cordial people, wonderful food and agricultural foundations.

The Confederate battle flag presents a striking image — beautiful, even. And I hear people talk of "heritage, not hate." But the heritage the flag represents included buying, selling, even disposing of human beings as property, based on their skin color. This is not worthy of celebration.

Maybe the Vietnam War taught us that it is possible to honor the dedication and sacrifice of the warriors, even if we do not support the war. I hope so.

Eddie Gwaltney, Lookout Mountain, Ga.


Beliefs inspire shooter

"Why did this troubled Muslim do this? We still don't know his true motivation."

"Why did this crazy man commit such heinous acts? What truly motivated him?" Asking such questions is not to inflame public passions but to know the truth.

We have heard he was mentally disturbed, had bad American friends, lived in dysfunctional family, was on drugs and could not keep a job.

He was a Muslim and attended the local mosque. One of his close friends said, "They spent time fasting and praying during the holy month of Ramadan."

He waited until the last day of fasting. His intention was to kill and be killed. He knew he did not live a perfect Muslim life. The only way to paradise was to die a martyr's death.

Abdulazeez may have not been inspired by terrorist groups, but he was definitely inspired by his religious beliefs.

Amos Taj