Trump's negatives' list is 'infinite'

For over 400 years, white men have governed this land. Millions will accept anything to keep it that way. That's clear by the way President Obama has been treated and the way they accept anything from Donald Trump to keep Hillary Clinton from becoming president.

Trump, to them, can do no wrong. He can't name the NATO countries but wants to lead the free world. He thinks paying no taxes makes him smart. He attacks outsourcing jobs, yet that's what he does. He supports nuclear proliferation and encourages countries to use them. He praises Vladimir Putin, the most dangerous man in the world. He ridicules Sen. John McCain, a great war hero, for getting captured and spending years in captivity, yet he never served.

Trump publicly mocked a handicapped reporter and demeans women in a vulgar way. His list of negatives is infinite. His behavior is cruel, profane, sadistic and void of empathy. Many responsible Republicans believe he is dangerous and disgraceful. Fifty former GOP national security officials say "he would be the most reckless president in American history." I agree with them. God help us if he is elected.

Wilbourne C. Markham Sr.

Signal Mountain

'Coffee with a cop' has great potential

I was very encouraged reading the article, "Chattanooga Police Launch Coffee Cop Program." With all the national unrest over law enforcement and their actions, I'm proud of my community for trying to come together over this issue and the Chattanooga Police Department's efforts to increase communication and foster a relationship of trust with residents.

I'm glad to hear that the police department plans on making the program open to the public in the future because it definitely has the potential to be very positive. Although this simple "cookies and coffee with a cop" approach may seem irrelevant and small to some, I believe that baby steps are the only way to giant strides. This program is baby steps, but our nation overall and our community have to start somewhere.

Sheann Brandon


Clean air a top priority for children

October is Children's Health month. Like most parents, I do everything I can to protect my children's health. I make sure they wear seat belts and get some exercise every day. But one thing I can't control is the air they breathe. That's why pollution needs to be cleaned up at the source.

In the United States, more than half of all children live in areas that violate federal air quality standards. Air pollution can affect children's growing bodies and stunt their developing lungs. It can also trigger asthma attacks. Nationally, 9 percent of children suffer from asthma, while in Chattanooga our local asthma rate is 12.5 percent in children.

As a parent and member of Moms Clean Air Force, I want to raise awareness about the epidemic of illness and chronic diseases linked to air pollution and our changing climate, which is why I'm supporting the inaugural Children's Environmental Health Day today.

All children have the right to play, learn, breathe, eat, drink and dream safely.

Laura Carpenter

Jasper, Tenn.

Vote for Greg Martin

For as long as our family has lived in Chattanooga, we've all chosen to live and remain in Hixson because of its incredible sense of community that emphasizes families. For 40 years, I've known Greg Martin as a neighbor, during his time as a Hixson Wildcat and even now as a leader on the school board.

Greg was the only school board member to make a motion to fire Rick Smith during this year's mess we've watched [It wasn't seconded]. Greg has served as a serious voice on the school board making tough decisions. We need this same serious, effective leadership on our County Commission.

During political campaigns, everyone looks good. Greg Martin has been consistent in his leadership during tough times. That's what looks good in Hixson and the type of leadership we deserve.

Please join me and our family in supporting a proven leader, Greg Martin, for County Commission to serve in Hixson.

Shirley Tucker