Travel to Cuba will help U.S., too

In response to Michael Weissenstein's article titled "Historic commercial flight from U.S. to Cuba set to take off":

Reading that brightens my day to know that many Cuban-Americans will have the opportunity to visit the island that seemed impossible to visit.

A major point that I agree with in the article is that the Cuban economy can be built off tourism. Many Americans are curious and ready to explore the island.

I find it very interesting and respectful that the crew of the JetBlue aircraft was made of Cuban-Americans. The fact that the last airplane that flew into Cuba was in October 1962 and the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred that month make this moment very special and dear to many Cuban-Americans.

Hopefully the relationship between the United States and Cuba keeps growing for the good and peace of both countries.

Rosalba Valera


Support plan to cut carbon emissions

As parents, we worry about a million things when it comes to our children. One thing we probably all take for granted is the air they breathe; we don't consider the impact air can have on our kids' health. Climate change probably doesn't make the top 10 list of worries for most parents, but it should.

Power plant pollution is contributing to climate change, which is responsible for poor air quality, thousands of premature deaths, higher risks of asthma attacks and hundreds of thousands of missed work or school days. That's a pretty big worry.

One year ago, President Obama offered the Clean Power Plan as part of his plan to address climate change. The plan sets the first-ever federal limits on carbon pollution from power plants and encourages the development of cleaner, safer energy. It will save thousands of lives when fully implemented.

Unfortunately, some elected officials side with corporate polluters to stop implementation of the plan. They are fighting to stop common-sense clean air safeguards to defend industry profits at the expense of our health.

For the future of our families, we must implement the Clean Power Plan. There's too much at stake.

Lindsay Pace

Neither candidate is qualified to lead

I have voted for more than 50 years and this is the first time that neither candidate is qualified to hold any public office.

For years I have had to vote for the lesser of two evils. I don't see a lesser evil this time. If there were a third party candidate who sounded intelligent, I might vote for that person. But so far that has not happened.

Clinton has not shown me she can run anything. Trump has shown he can run businesses into the ground and shortchange his contractors, shareholders and workers. I also fear that with what he has shown so far, we will be in a war within months if he is elected.

This quality of candidate shows why voter turnout is so low in our country. God help us and our country with this kind of leadership.

Roger Thompson

Tullahoma, Tenn.