Enforce litter laws to clean up highway

It's nice to see that Tennessee has started an anti-litter campaign. The first area they can start with is the section of Interstate 75 between exits 5 and 11. This area says "Welcome to Trash City" like no other that I have seen.

How about enforcing the fines for littering that already are in place? When was the last time someone was actually issued a ticket for littering along this area? Issue tickets and make them pay something more than a paltry sum.

I appreciate the good work done on the weekends by people doing community service and others but by Monday, the trash starts building up again. The law requiring loads on trucks to be covered (including pickups) also needs to be enforced. Come on — we are better than this!

George McCumber


Change at Peerless Mill site is overdue, welcome

Wow. After decades of allowing 27 acres of prime industrial real estate to simply sit derelict in what was always "a company town," the Hutcheson family is finally willing to let the thing go. I never thought I'd live to see it.

I do hope that Rossville also understands the enormity of the task of cleaning it up, and all of the who-knows-what-that-is within it, and will work with the new owners instead of being too picky, too soon, about their storm drains. As old man Hutcheson realized when he placed his factory there, this is a prime location.

I hope also that neither the city nor the family will have any sentimental or other objections to the realization that the entire Peerless complex will probably need to be razed to the ground. It hasn't done anyone any good in Rossville for 70 years. But, at long last, Rossville might become a thriving city once more, now minus its trademark eyesore.

Mike Robinson

Chickamauga, Ga.

HomeServe expansion will benefit city, residents

HomeServe's Chattanooga employees were disappointed to read your article about the company's expansion in our community, "Chattanooga panel gives HomeServe USA a tax break for expansion," June 7.

The article highlighted $175,000 in tax incentives HomeServe will receive over the next five years related to our expansion in the area, a common practice used by local leaders to attract or retain business. However, the reporter chose not to focus on the investment HomeServe is making in Chattanooga, including $5 million for a new building and the creation of 200 additional jobs. Further, the expansion will provide nearly $10 million in new direct salaries and benefits for Chattanoogans and an estimated additional $12 million in indirect salaries and benefits into the community. HomeServe will also pay about $250,000 in local taxes over the next five years.

We are proud of the contributions we make to the communities we serve and look forward to welcoming 200 more associates to our expanded Chattanooga facility when it's completed next year. We congratulate the city council, the county commission and the Industrial Development Board for their role in making this happen.

Myles Meehan

HomeServe, Norwalk, Conn.