Republican boondoggle: Tax cuts for the rich and more letters to the editors

Republican boondoggle: Tax cuts for the rich and more letters to the editors

November 17th, 2017 in Opinion Letters

Republican boondoggle: Tax cuts for the rich

Nothing brings Republicans together more than creating obscene tax giveaways for their donor base.

The Republican system works like this: The super-rich like the Koch brothers and their gang of oligarchs meet every year in secret under tight security to divvy up hundreds of millions of dollars to lavish on Republican politicians who are willing to sell their votes.

Once elected, these simpering handmaidens begin to beat the drums for "tax reform." This entails huge tax cuts for the plutocrats and huge deficits for the average American taxpayer. The rationale for these tax giveaways is based on the discredited "trickle-down" theory.

The Republican fantasy that never comes to fruition is that these billions in tax cuts will bring even more money to the richest among us, which will overflow their pockets and trickle down to the rest of us at the bottom of the economy. However, most of this money ends up in the bank accounts of billionaires in the Caymans.

How stupid are we to fall for the same boondoggle time after time? When Trump claims there is going to be a "middle class miracle," you better bend over and grab your ankles.

Terry Stulce


City streets need better speed control

A recent letter about speeding on Hunt Avenue was right on mark. I also live in the area and am afraid to back out my drive.

No one is in sight, and before I am out and start forward I have either been passed or someone is on my bumper.

Neighboring streets South Howell, St. Marks and Lovell have speed control. Why can't Hunt?

We vote also in elections.

James Edwards


Prayer is powerful, can make world better

While I appreciate a letter writer's willingness to express his view that prayer is impractical, I beg to differ. There have been times when events changed dramatically in or about the time prayers were offered. An example is when the fog rolled in at Dunkirk and changed the history of World War II by allowing the British Army to escape certain defeat.

Christian prayer causes those who pray to respond with hope of final victory, so they behave victoriously. Modern science was born because the Cappadocian Fathers believed God was reasonable, therefore, nature was reasonable and could be studied.

God loved, so Christians thought we should apply what we learned for human betterment. Yes, there were debates, but beyond Christianity the debates never even happened.

The concepts of human equality and universal human rights came from the New Testament and nowhere else. The worldwide end to legal human slavery, the original women's rights movement, prison reform, mental health reform and the civil rights movement all began as debates among Christians.

What was the common denominator? Those who made the world better all prayed in hope for God's power within and beyond them to make something better.

Rev. Leslie Conway Coomer, Athens, Tenn.


Do not be too quick to judge Roy Moore

Roy Moore: Guilty or innocent?

I believe Moore is innocent because: Why would these charges suddenly appear after 40 years when they would do him most harm — losing his bid for the Senate?

The woman who claimed Moore had indecent conduct with her when she was 14 has been found to also have accused three pastors of the same.

It is fairly easy to produce false witnesses. Ask Jesus Christ. "And many false witnesses came forward" (Matthew 26:20).

I believe the Republicans withdrawing support from Moore is as bad as when David commanded his troops to no longer defend Uriah's back, leaving him to be killed by the enemy (2 Samuel 11:14-15).

Dr. Tom Herzog

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