Oust all Republicans to save the country and more letters to the editors

Oust all Republicans to save the country and more letters to the editors

October 5th, 2017 in Opinion Letters

Oust all Republicans to save the country

I believe Americans have the right to "the pursuit of happiness" without being constantly concerned about being shot and killed. Guess that makes me pro-life.

One man has shot almost 600 people. Republicans control the House, Senate, presidency and the Supreme Court. What is the GOP going to do? Nothing.

Trump said football players should be fired for taking a knee. Who is going to lose their job over 59 deaths? What law is the GOP going to pass?

I am pro-life. I believe that if we can afford $1.5 billion a day for the department of war, we can have affordable health care for every American.

Those who want to take away health care from poor and sick Americans to give tax breaks to wealthy Americans or just because they hate Obama are un-American and truly ungodly.

America's radical right-wing swing started in 1994 with the new Republican Congress. Now America has 300 million guns, $20 trillion in debt, a declining middle class, massive wealth increases for millionaires and a reality TV star billionaire for president.

Republicans, you're fired.

Randall Price


TV programming not serving us well

At a time when our nation is facing tremendous challenges, i.e., North Korean threats, a ballooning national debt, civil unrest, an opioid epidemic, mass shootings and other challenges, bleary-eyed audiences are satisfied with TV programming that numbs their senses and promotes their appetite for drivel and gore.

Dale E. Yoder


Football fan urges boycott of NFL

People are now calling for a complete national boycott of the NFL for Nov. 12, which is Veterans Day weekend. They are calling for a boycott of all football telecasts, for all fans, all ticket holders to stay away from attending any games.

Let them play to empty stadiums.

Honor our military, some of whom come home with the American flag draped over their coffin.

I plan to continue with the weekly boycott of all televised games.

Gene Hay, Hixson


Peacekeepers deserve apology

To those who choose to "take a knee," as well as the ones who say it doesn't matter to them one way or another, I wonder if they have really given any thought as to what or why they are doing so? The whole purpose of this act of defiance is to rally against law enforcement.

The craziness began with an NFL football player who could not make the team, and he did what a lot of others do — played the blame game. Colin Kaepernick is a selfish individual who wanted to draw attention to himself, so he used police brutality to get attention. He is protesting against law enforcement.

The NFL players who take a knee are also against law enforcement. The owners who condone this are also against law enforcement. Those who say it doesn't matter are against law enforcement.

I for one would like to say, "On behalf of the majority of America, we sincerely apologize for the insult and behavior of a few who view law enforcement as the enemies of America rather than peacekeepers."

Rev. Ronnie Case, South Pittsburg, Tenn.

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