Roy Moore a disgrace to Republican Party and more letters to the editors

Roy Moore a disgrace to Republican Party and more letters to the editors

October 6th, 2017 in Opinion Letters

Roy Moore a disgrace to Republican Party

Did anyone else see Roy Moore in his little cowboy outfit, pulling a pistol from his pocket? It reminded me of my 5th birthday. I got the same outfit with a cap pistol. I was a bad hombre.

Moore was chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who was fired twice for breaking the law. He is the reason our forefathers put separation between church and state.

If this is the future of the Republican Party, I feel sorry for those of us not born white, Christian or gullible enough to be Republicans.

Tony Borders, Hixson


Trump has made world dangerous

The world has gotten extremely dangerous due to Trump and Kim Jong Un of North Korea. It began with George Bush identifying "the axis of evil" as Iraq, Iran and North Korea, then pre-emptively attacking Iraq and killing Saddam Hussein. This provoked Iran and North Korea to accelerate their nuclear programs "to stop U.S. aggression."

During the presidential election, conservative columnist Thomas Sowell warned if Trump was elected, it could present the possibility of nuclear annihilation. A cartoon on the Free Press side of the paper recently had a "nuclear countdown clock."

Responsible leaders don't use inflammatory rhetoric. Harry Truman used the United Nations as an instrument of peace. Addressing the U.N., Truman stressed "nations needed to curb self interest for the greater good of mankind."

America was trusted and respected because we didn't threaten to use our enormous power. That respect in the world has plummeted because of Trump's reckless behavior. North Koreans are Asians, and "face-saving" is important.

The nuclear exchange I fear is from some miscalculation, and Donald Trump keeps pushing the envelope. That's mindless!

Wilbourne C. Markham Sr., Signal Mountain


Can Super Glue save the country?

Would someone please hold Trump down and let someone Super Glue his mouth shut and do away with his Twitter?

That might keep him from saying stupid remarks like what a "REAL " catastrophe Katrina was while acting like a fool tossing supplies like Mardi Gras beads through the streets of Puerto Rico.

God help our country!

Debbie Pataky, Lookout Mountain


Remove statue, let the healing begin

It is amazing to listen to some Hamilton County commissioners as they grappled with the removal of the rebel Gen. A.P. Stewart statuary on government grounds.

Some seem confused on historical facts, others made self-serving statements and one commissioner said citizens need to use caution in judging the past through a 21st-century lens — nonsense!

What was wrong then is more reprehensible today because the truth has caught up with the present time as better histories are written for citizens to gain perspective on the Civil War, Reconstruction and civil rights eras.

The bust was placed there at the apex of Jim Crow laws that denied blacks many of their constitutional rights and victimized them to a status of servitude. And Gen. Stewart fought with the Confederate Army, which fought for slavery.

Yes, the South lost lives and had damaged properties. In truth, the nation suffered tremendously as 13,000 Union soldiers entombed at the Chattanooga National Cemetery attest.

Over time, anyone walking by the bust would only shrug, but now it takes on an appearance of a shackle of bondage remaining on a human leg.

Dewayne Wrinkle

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