Will 'dark money' buy Phil Bredesen?

It's just wrong for out-of-state liberals to try to encourage Tennesseans to vote for Phil Bredesen for U.S. Senate. Most of the assertions in his ads are complete fabrications. Did Phil Bredesen sign off on balanced budgets? Yes, but only because it's the law requiring Tennessee's budgets be balanced. It was the state legislators who did all the work, yet Bredesen is trying to take credit for it. Look closely at his newest ads; they are funded by Majority Forward, a liberal organization with strong ties to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

These funds are considered "dark money" held by a super PAC from outside Tennessee. Many consider such dark money as secret funds intended to purchase candidates' support for liberal legislation that meets their perverted agendas, targeting our personal freedoms and our president. The outcome of the primary election showed Marsha Blackburn receiving nearly two votes for every one cast for Bredesen. The liberals are scared and will do anything to try and get a majority in the Senate. Don't be fooled, Bredesen is a liberal in moderate's clothing, and apparently his campaign is available for purchase by out-of-state liberals.

Mikey Glenn


Trump's puppets don't like coverage

Amazing how some of your readers whine about the negative coverage of President Trump in your paper. It's "dripping with bias," "partiality" and fake news whenever the president and his party are not portrayed as wholesome, lawful, honest, loved and respected by world leaders.

Thousands of journalists, writers and newsmen are in on the conspiracy to make us think badly of Donald Trump.

Just believe everything he alone tells us and his puppets repeat. How they ignore and deny his lies, inconsistencies, cruelty, inappropriate behavior and cover-ups is the only thing that amazes me more.

Sandra Rice

Sewanee, Tenn.

Children hostages to principal spat

The first week of school in Hamilton County was a disaster for some students. In transferring from one high school to another, our granddaughter was caught in the middle of childish action between two high school principals. She and many others were made to sit in the library because the school had not transferred their transcripts.

My daughter finally took her home at noon after she had sat in the library from 6:45 a.m. until noon. The other students stayed all day since they were either dropped off at school or rode the bus, and their parents were unaware of the situation.

We were told the principal at one high school was holding transcripts for about 20 students "for hostage" and not releasing them to another high school. In turn, the principal at that school said she would do the same. These two principals acted more like children than the children they were supposed to help. We pay our taxes so our children can get a good education and then the administration acts this way. It's disgraceful.

Shirley Frazier