We denounce misconduct but exploit sexuality and more letters to the editors

We denounce misconduct but exploit sexuality and more letters to the editors

February 10th, 2018 in Opinion Letters

Military parade won't help U.S. achieve goals

If the president and the Pentagon succeed in parading the military might of the USA through Washington, D.C., I will be there to protest. I will be standing with others to object to the military industrial complex continuing decades' old wars with no apparent good outcome.

The United States cannot take the high moral ground if we let genocide go uninterrupted while destabilizing undeveloped areas of the world.

The Vietnam War Memorial is black.

I wonder, what will be the color of the monument we erect to the warriors, veterans and casualties of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Lincoln Christensen

We denounce misconduct but exploit sexuality

They've done it again.

ABC's "Good Morning America" last week interviewed a prominent Hollywood actress who detailed instances of sexual abuse she has experienced and observed. Everyone on the show agreed that such misconduct is totally unacceptable and treatment of women as sex objects must end.

The program's next segment featured the Sports Illustrated "Swimsuit Edition," with affirming expressions about the anticipated publication. Ironically, most of its readers (male) don't explore the pages of semi-nude beauties by marveling at their IQs or wondering about their favorite hobbies.

Then came a teasing segment about the final installment of the "Fifty Shades" movie series which, according to trailers, centers on a couple's kinky sex-capades. "Can't wait to see it," the talk show's commentators happily agreed.

Isn't it amazing? We rightfully decry sexual misconduct in its many forms, yet see nothing wrong with the media's treatment of sex as a consumable commodity. Starlets parade the red carpet, their physical attributes on full display as fashion experts discuss how "daring" and "sexy" they are.

Condemning sexual misconduct while unashamedly promoting commercial efforts to exploit sex: Maybe we should connect the dots?

Robert J. Tamasy


Gardenhire bill would be harmful to schools

Dear Sen. Todd Gardenhire,

I have been a loyal Republican for more than 50 years. However, in this particular situation I am ashamed to call myself a Republican. I am very disturbed and deeply concerned about Senate Bill 1755 that you have filed. If this bill were to pass, it could have far-reaching consequences for the entire state of Tennessee.

Who are you really doing this for?

I personally see this as a form of segregation. It hurts my heart. I thought we were beyond that.

Sen. Gardenhire, I have been a resident of Hamilton County more than 60 years and our taxes have helped and are helping to pay for the school buildings that your bill would want to give to small groups of people. We need our elected officials to do the work they were elected to do and not to interfere with local disputes.

Mrs. Ruby McCloud Robinson


Dems have no options but to criticize Trump

When entities have nothing to offer and need to try and stay relevant, they have to disparage the successful efforts of others. A case in point: Democrats who have no positive agenda to offer the electorate. Thus, they can only bad mouth and obstruct the effective, prosperous and thriving economy and the progressive platform espoused by the Trump administration.

Dale E. Yoder

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