Might be time to pull TVA into 21st century and more letters to the editors

Might be time to pull TVA into 21st century and more letters to the editors

February 17th, 2018 by Staff Report in Opinion Letters

Might be time to pull TVA into 21st century

Other than their fat-cat supporters, it doesn't seem like TVA is feeling the love these days. Despoiling the environment around Kingston, extorting payment from the Ocoee outfitters, squeezing their customers to pay for a fleet of luxury aircraft all of which entitles the top brass to reward themselves with salaries in the millions of dollars.

"How do they keep getting away with it?" you might ask. The answer is simple: They are accountable to no one but themselves. "Why is that so?" you ask. Because TVA was created that way. Back in 1933, when the TVA Act was passed, it seemed essential that the agency created to pull the Tennessee Valley into the 20th century be insulated from competition or regulation if it was to fulfill its mandate.

To this day, TVA remains a federally owned electric utility that is still shielded from competition and regulation by the original TVA Act of 1933. Perhaps the time has come — if not to sell off TVA's assets — to at least amend the TVA Act of 1933 and pull the agency into the 21st century.

Paul Wright


When will 'enough be enough,' really?

We will not rid our schools, streets and places of work of AR-15-type weapons made to kill human beings in war, and also bar the purchase of huge ammunition magazines meant to aid in killing lots of human beings quickly, until we elect men and women to state and national office who are not afraid to protect our children and our colleagues from the NRA and those who bow to that organization out of intimidation and fear or a desire for money to run their election campaigns.

And what does it profit a man or woman to win political election to high office if Americans all over our country are being slaughtered because those same politicians are afraid to put into place sane and rational gun laws and policies which will safeguard all American citizens, including our school children?

When will enough murders be enough murders for the NRA? When will the vast majority of American citizens who have made clear they want sane gun safety laws finally vote out those politicians who wallow in NRA cash?

Franklin McCallie

Is younger, cheaper always the best option?

Hello-oo, school board. Aren't you setting yourselves up for some lawsuits? Ever heard of age or wage discrimination?

"Many new CEOs or superintendents come up with ways to sort of weed out some of the older, more expensive and possibly less effective employees who don't align with their vision."

And what might that vision entail? Trade in teachers for the newest models? Thank you, Tiffanie Robinson, for handing any decent employment lawyer quotes that should help her litigate against Hamilton County on behalf of said "older, more expensive" teachers.

Younger teachers, pay attention. If you get any cost-of-living increases for the next 25 years (well, you probably won't be around that long), prepare to pay for them by getting pushed out when you have the experience and expertise your students most need. After all, cheaper is better, right? I can't believe it, but I'm with Rhonda Thurman on this one.

Go ahead, play CEO. Just remember, that makes Hamilton County students your customers — and that means they're calling the shots. The customer is always right — even if they're wrong. That's business.

Susan Jones

Signal Mountain

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