Jim Hammond praised for efforts to help jailed mentally ill and more letters to the editors

Jim Hammond praised for efforts to help jailed mentally ill and more letters to the editors

January 7th, 2018 in Opinion Letters

Hammond praised for efforts to help jailed mentally ill

I want to commend Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond for his efforts in helping the mentally ill, who are incarcerated, get their medications and other supportive services. He is correct. They will never get better until they have their medication.

Sheriff Hammond has seen a need to help humanity that a lot of our leaders have not recognized. We need more people like him.

Gail Abston

Make America our America again

This year, we the people will make America America again.

Our president is lost and wandering inside his own mind and disregards the Constitution and rule of law. Our Republican Congress is ineffective, self-dealing and spinelessly defends him. Both pander to people's hatred and fears, creating economic chaos and instability. It's clear we can no longer count on this president or Congress to represent us. Time after time, Trump signs destructive executive orders, and lawmakers pass bills that are unfair and unpopular with Americans, ignoring the majority's wishes and concerns. Even those who voted for and support Trump and the Republican lawmakers who put party over country are learning many if not all of their promises are hollow or outright lies.

Throughout history when politicians go rogue, it is the people who have risen up to demand change and accountability. That means we have to be politically savvy, get and stay informed, choose and support candidates with integrity and vision, protest if necessary, help campaign, and go to the polls and vote. We need to look hard to newcomers to win offices because we've seen how this administration and Congress have failed us.

Let's get to it!

Greg Williams

Mueller attacks cover for 'truth'

When two members of Congress of the same party were creditably accused of the sexual abuse of women, Democrats called for their removal.

While a candidate, Trump, on tape for anyone to hear, said that he had grabbed women by their private parts and could get away with it because he was "a star." Women have specifically confirmed his abuse.

President Trump backed Roy Moore in the Alabama race as did some other Republicans in denial that assaults on women occurred. Alabamans with good hearts and minds rejected Roy Moore.

Is the president above the law or can he be held accountable? Nixon was, but there are those who believe Trump is above the law for sexual assault and obstruction of justice if that should be the legal charge which now seems probable.

When Republican Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel to investigate Russian interference with possible Trump campaign collusion in the 2016 presidential campaign, scarcely a voice could be heard in opposition to this outstanding former FBI director. The closer Mueller comes to revealing the truth in this matter, the more we hear politically motivated attacks on him and the Justice Department.

John Bratton

Sewanee, Tenn

No fan of debt for tax relief

Individuals will not know for a couple of years exactly how much the GOP tax relief for rich corporations and the 1 percent richest families in America will cost each of us. We do know that we Americans now have a debt of $1.5 trillion dollars that we must repay for this bonanza to Trump, Ryan and McConnell, their cronies, donors and the richest of the rich. Its repercussions are staggering. And yet, who cares? The poor are beyond caring. The middle class are beyond understanding.

According to a doctor friend, the rule of thumb is that today, on average, Americans take one medication per decade of life. Yesterday, I went by the drugstore to pick up a month's supply of high blood pressure medication. The cost was $281.99 monthly or $3,383.88 a year. I paid $4.80 for it because I have good health insurance. Who can afford even one medication over time without insurance? So let's admit it: The poor cannot buy medication. Think how the GOP has fought to end Obamacare. Does the GOP represent you? If not, let your voice be heard and your vote counted.

Faye Walter

Sewanee, Tenn.

Likes story jumps in same section

Congratulations to the TFP layout team for putting the continuation of two large articles that started on page 1 in Sunday's section "A" before the split. It would be wonderful if that were the rule instead of the exception.

If all the articles that started on page 1 finished before the split, you could be known as a leading-edge, reader-friendly newspaper.

Bill Hayes

'Alt-right' not GOP reader supports

The events of 2017 have forced me to rethink two labels I have always applied to myself. The first is "Republican." I once swore always to support the right-to-life candidate, no matter what. Donald Trump, and even more Roy Moore, forced me off that position. I will never support the "alt-right." Its members are Nazis in suits. And I can never respect the cowardly leaders who do not speak against them, or even worse, who fund their campaigns. The only Republicans I respect are dying or retiring.

The other label is "evangelical." I still believe in Jesus. I still believe the Bible. I have not abandoned the movement. The movement has moved on and left me far behind. "Evangelical" no longer represents beliefs about sin, forgiveness, faith and the life-changing, unconditional love of Jesus, and even less mercy, justice and compassion. It has become nothing more than a weak synonym for a political movement inspired by anger, hatred and fear. I will not be a part.

I will still vote and still pray. I will still look to the future and fervently hope it can't be worse than the past.

Herbert K. Lea

Chickamauga, Ga.

No more Trump 'accomplishments'

Donald Trump said he "accomplished more in 10 months than any other president." All these "accomplishments" are not what most presidents would envy. Some are disgusting!

According to The Washington Post, he's lied more than 1,318 times and counting. He's become the darling of KKK David Duke, who said, "We love him." He's almost caused nuclear war and "turned the White House into an adult day care center."

He inflamed England to the point some want to cancel his visit; large numbers of federal employees are leaving voluntarily; and he spends more time playing golf than Eisenhower. He cost the taxpayers $100 million in his first 100 days traveling to Mar-a-Lago.

He dangerously attacks the FBI and CIA, and he called journalists "the lowest form of humanity." His ignorance in foreign affairs is mammoth! Unilaterally abandoning the Trans-Pacific-Partnership and declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel are examples. He gave away bargaining chips, and now China reigns economically in Asia, and the Middle East is now even further from peace.

God help us if he accomplishes much more!

Wilbourne C. Markham Sr.

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