Making up is so much fun and more letters to the editors

Making up is so much fun and more letters to the editors

January 12th, 2018 in Opinion Letters

Making up is so much fun

When Trump flew into Nashville to address members of the Farm Bureau, on board was repentant Sen. Bob Corker. The repentant had called Trump untruthful, not mentally equipped to be president, and needed adult day care. The first sign of Corker's redemption was his yes vote for Trump's tax bill after first voting no.

Corker explained the switch by saying he had talked to business people who explained the benefits of the bill to the economy. Was not this Trump's top priority, after his Falstaffian attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act? Are we to believe Corker had not talked to business people, and his staff before his no vote? This would require the "suspension of disbelief."

Corker invokes truly Trumpian logic in explaining that his deduction for his personal property taxes will be limited by the bill, which offsets the benefit he receives from the real estate provision. The fact is that his taxes likely would increase without the real estate provision.

Corker has truly become a political chameleon.

Archie Thurman


The Left refuses to see positive economic news

Day after day we hear of great economic news: a booming stock market, positive job growth, improved pay gains, reduced unemployment, lowered welfare rolls and a tax reduction that will result in more income for most citizens.

Yet the Left ignores those gains because they don't fit in with their poor-mouth agendas. If those deniers don't want pay increases, they should return them to the federal government.

Do liberals believe bureaucrats could and would make better use of their funds?

Dale E. Yoder


Trump is a poor leader of this country

I saw on the news that a border wall will cost $33 billion.

Why should the taxpayers have to pay for a wall that we are not going to use?

We teach our children not to bully another person, don't call them names, but we have a president who calls people names like Crooked Hillary, Sloppy Steve and Rocket Man. He said his "button" is bigger than Rocket Man's "button." He mistreated women.

I thought Trump was the president of everybody. We have never had a president who has done what he has done. What is happening?

Mary Taylor


If they must sell it, can it be good?

As you know, Republican supporters plan to spend $10 million to sell their new tax law to the people.

This reminds me of Obama and Democrats having to sell Obamacare. It's the same "song and dance."

We knew Obamacare was not good since they had to "sell" it, and that became a fact. This conveys the message this tax plan is also not good for the middle class (as sold by Trump and Congress) but only for the wealthy and corporations.

Are we barefoot and dumb? They surely don't understand Americans are smart enough to see through this façade. I can only hope the Democrats and media will help bring the truth to the light.

If any plan is truly good for the people, they would recognize it as so and not have to be sold on it.

I am sorely disgusted with presidents and Congress trying to sell a "silk purse made from a sow's ear."

With this plan, the growing gap between the upper and lower classes will continue. I am concerned this will lead this nation far from the intended democracy our forefathers planned and penned with their hearts and sacrifices.

Dave Lacy, Winchester, Tenn.

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