Highway 27 retaining walls not a good look for city and more letters to the editors

Highway 27 retaining walls not a good look for city and more letters to the editors

May 14th, 2018 in Opinion Letters

Highway 27 retaining walls not a good look for city

For anyone wondering what the new Highway 27 road project will look like a few years from now, drive a little further north and see the grimy concrete retaining walls which were constructed a few years ago.

Are the walls now under construction the absolute best that can be done? For a city that prides itself as a major tourist attraction with increasing economic benefits, it is a shame that we are allowing such an unsightly roadway, which likely will have no landscaping.

Is this really what we want for our "scenic city?"

And, by the way, how come we don't have "Welcome to Chattanooga! The Scenic City" signage at our interstate and Highway 27 approaches? They would be reminders that we are indeed proud of our city, despite the ugly retaining walls.

Doug Schwert, Signal Mountain


Even squirrels will go for a handout

I have long felt government entitlements (really handouts) diminish our incentive to do for ourselves.

This was illustrated recently. We have a lot of trees, birds and squirrels in our yard. The squirrels hang out under the bird feeders a lot, eating the seeds the birds drop while feeding.

Yesterday I found a pecan near the feeders, one of some I brought home a while back. It was unshelled. Once I shelled it, the nut inside was fine. I then placed the nut underneath the bird feeders; it was eaten quickly.

The squirrels wanted the nut as long as someone else did the work of removing the shell, which squirrels are supposed to be good at.

Robert Lee Rayburn


Stump Martin was beloved by many

In TFP sports columnist Mark Wiedmer's excellent article last week, he told of the late, beloved Stump Martin's gift to the youth of this area. He was indeed an awesome administrator. Allow me to tell of his treatment of senior citizens.

Under his leadership, we are blessed with a truly outstanding program, including terrific senior aerobics three times a week that can be enjoyed regardless of the participants' ability. There are also line dancing and walking programs and much more. This is all provided free of charge. But the very best part is the fellowship of the group.

I hope from his cloud, Stump knows how much he has meant to 50 or more seniors in the East Ridge area. Pat Snowden and Earl Long worked closely with Stump to make his plans a reality.

May God bless and comfort his family and all of those who are feeling a great loss today.

Jacque Benderman


Hot car deaths are preventable

Can you believe it, four hot car tragedies already? Two in the same car in Virginia.

I know everyone is in a rush, but start a little earlier. These are your babies. Aren't they just as important as your phone or you turning around and pushing the button to lock the door so no one breaks in?

Maybe car seats should go in front seats. At least children would not be forgotten then.

Mary Taylor

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