'Radical lefties' ruining schools and more letters to the editors

'Radical lefties' ruining schools and more letters to the editors

May 16th, 2018 in Opinion Letters

'Radical lefties' ruining schools

Rhonda Thurman is right about UnifiEd. The problem is we let radical lefties from out of town try to turn us into some East/West Coast liberal hellhole so they can brainwash a generation of radical lefties in schools.

This is race-baiting by radical lefties using liberal "studies" to justify their stupidity. Until conservatives make school board elections partisan to defeat these leftist ex-teachers and administrators, nothing will change.

This is a conservative county. The problem is we conservatives are just that — conservative. We are not willing to go out and protest, burn down buildings, attack people, etc. We just sit back, complain and keep doing the same dumb thing — electing liberals.

Why don't we dummies get it? The same lefties who have been ruining the school system since there's been an elected school board are still being elected. They are responsible for the problems. We still elect these liberals who appoint a 30-something, liberal know-nothing as superintendent.

This country is being won and lost in the classrooms because liberal teachers, administrators and other Communists get that fact.

We conservatives better start getting it, or we will wake up in a country we don't recognize.

Tim Price


Supports 'mixing' schools to 'help'

Although I think you reported Joe Smith and Rhonda Thurman's letter a little unfairly (sensationally), I agree that our schools should do whatever is possible to make education from kindergarten through high school as fair and as good as possible.

It benefits our whole community for us all to work together for that end.

If mixing the schools more will help, then it should be done, and I believe it should.

Isabel McGraw


UnifiEd: Be careful what you wish for

When the Signal Mountain School System Viability Committee published its final report, we specifically noted our concern over the lack of sufficient diversity in the Signal Mountain schools.

We suggested several ways in which this problem could be addressed by an independent municipal school district, including those identified by UnifiEd — expanding the attendance zone, creating a magnet school, creating open enrollment to achieve maximum capacity and providing transportation for students outside the current attendance zone.

Our report noted that all of these solutions could be implemented within the constraints of the district's projected budget. A Signal Mountain school district could have become a shining example for other communities in the county to achieve greater diversity in their schools.

However, UnifiEd aligned itself with the group known as Stay With HCDE, and opposed the idea of a Signal Mountain school district. They achieved their goal — the Signal Mountain Town Council chose not to pursue a new school district at this time.

Now UnifiEd is encountering opposition to its proposal from some HCDE board members, who say they can't afford it and it's not what their constituents want.

Be careful what you wish for.

John Friedl, Signal Mountain, former chairman, SSVC

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