Many in faith community in solidarity after deadly Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

Many in faith community in solidarity after deadly Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

November 10th, 2018 in Opinion Letters

As the clergy and leaders of diverse faith traditions across Chattanooga:

We weep with our Jewish brothers and sisters, of the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh and beyond, as they mourn this assault on their community, and we stand in support of our local Jewish sisters and brothers.

We pray for all Jewish communities who continue to worship and serve in our communities in the face of fear and hate.

We recognize that prayer is also a call to action, and so we commit ourselves to bear witness to this tragedy, to proclaim the love of God, and stand firm with those who are at risk.

We urge all persons of faith and those of good will to express heartfelt messages of hope and support to their sisters and brothers in local Jewish congregations and communities and to act in a manner which respects the dignity of every human being.

We repent on behalf of our faith traditions who have actively created or passively allowed anti-Semitic violence throughout the centuries.

We renounce violence and any acts of terror seeking to drain the pure human spirit of God's creation.

We renounce rhetoric which is used to divide God's creation, and so we call upon our religious, political, and community leaders to hold one another accountable, seek unity and speak with civility.

We pray for those who have chosen hate and cannot see the sacredness of each individual created in the image of the divine, may they feel your presence God and experience your love.

In faith,

Dr. Tom Bagley, church entrepreneur, Syndeo Communities, PCUSA

Rev. V. Thomas Banks

Rev. Laura Becker, Northminster Presbyterian Church

Rev. Jocelyn Bell, retired Episcopal priest

Rev. April Berends, Grace Episcopal Church

Rev. Claire Brown, St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Rev. Mac Brown, Church of the Good Shepherd

Rev. Suzanne Burch, deacon, St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Rev. Margaret M. Caldwell

Rev. Ken Carroll, pastor, The Rock Metropolitan Community Church

Rev. Robert Childers, rector, Good Shepherd Episcopal Church

Rev. Alaina Cobb, Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center

Right Reverend Brian Lee Cole, bishop of the Episcopal Church in East Tennessee

Pastor Jeff P. Crim, Ascension Lutheran Church

Iris DeLaPaz, director of religious education, The Unitarian Universalist Church of Chattanooga

Rev. Tricia Dillon Thomas, director of Hope House at UTC

Rev. Taylor W. Dinsmore

Rev. Jason Emerson, rector, Episcopal Church of the Nativity

Rev. Dr. Charles Ensminger, Harrison United Methodist Church

Very Rev. Ward B. Ewing, retired president of The General Theological Seminary

Rev. Brandon Gilvin, senior minister, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Rev. David R. Hackett, Episcopal Church

Rev. Derrick C. Hill, St. Timothy's Episcopal Church

Elder Lionel K. Hodges, Renaissance Presbyterian Church

Rev. Jonathan Hyde, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

JaMichael D. Jordan, The Village Church

Rev. Carol Howard Merritt, pastor, Presbyterian Church (USA)

Bassam Issa, co-founder of the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga

The Rev. Leyla K. King, Thankful Memorial Episcopal Church

Rabbi Craig Lewis, Mizpah Congregation

Rev. Charles Neal, minister emeritus, First-Centenary United Methodist Church

Rev. Quinn Parman, St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Rev. Louisa T. Parsons

Dr Paul Rader, Northside Presbyterian Church

Rev. Janice Robbins

Rev. John R. Rouser

Rev. Christopher A. Smith, Trinity Lutheran Church

Rev. John Talbird, retired Episcopal priest

Rabbi Susan Tendler, Congregation B'nai Zion

Rev. Dr. Clay Thomas, Rivermont Presbyterian Church

Dr. E. Jonathan Thomas, pastor of World Restoration Center Church

UUCC Social Justice Committee, Unitarian Universalist Church of Chattanooga

Rev. Ann G. Weeks, Episcopal deacon

Rev. Brad Whitaker, rector, St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Carlos D. Williams, senior pastor, Orchard Knob Baptist Church

Rev. Scott Williamson, senior pastor, Pilgrim Congregational Church, UCC

Rev. Joseph R. Woodfin, associate rector, St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Rev. Candace A. Worth, New Hope Presbyterian Church

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