Bredesen shows he is for all Tennesseans and more letters to the editors

Bredesen shows he is for all Tennesseans and more letters to the editors

October 8th, 2018 in Opinion Letters

Bredesen shows he is for all Tennesseans

Chattanooga has had the privilege of having a former mayor represent us in the U.S. Senate. Since he was first elected in 2006, Bob Corker has kept Chattanooga in mind in Washington. While Sen. Corker chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he cares about what happens here at home, such as the redevelopment of Miller Park.

Will Chattanooga have less sway with his successor? Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn refused to debate here. She has blatantly overlooked us and our needs. However, Phil Bredesen held an ideas forum last week, demonstrating that he is genuinely interested in listening to our concerns. He is making Chattanooga a priority. If Marsha is absent during the campaign, will she be absent as our senator?

We shouldn't base who we elect on a "D") or an "R") beside their names. We should base our vote on who cares, who shows up before the 11th hour, and who will carry our concerns to Washington. Phil Bredesen has made it clear that Chattanooga is just as important as the rest of the state, and he wants to get things done for us in the Senate. That's why I'm choosing Phil Bredesen on Nov. 6.

Lindsey Hillenburg

Consider tennis facility at AT&T field

May I toss another option into the ideas currently being discussed for future development of the city of Chattanooga?

The Times Free Press reported recently that the Chattanooga Lookouts' owner has said that the team is not interested in leaving Chattanooga and is interested in talks about a new baseball stadium on foundry land on the south side of the city.

That's certainly good news for baseball fans and for the progress of the development that has been ongoing in Chattanooga. The addition of a professional soccer team would be an incredible boost to our development momentum.

But that Lookouts move would leave what is now AT&T field empty. I'd like to propose turning the current stadium into a first-class tennis stadium. I think a rework of the field to allow Chattanooga to draw international and national tennis stars to play in tournaments here would draw thousands of spectators from Atlanta, Nashville and beyond.

International level tournaments would also bring TV publicity for the city.

Chattanooga, historically, has always been a tennis town. A first-class tennis stadium would fit well in the area's tennis heritage.

Everett Kidder

America is in better hands with the GOP

Having witnessed how disgusting and unethically Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee behaved in their attempt to smear Brett Kavanaugh, we need to realize that the Democratic Party is no longer the party of Sam Nunn or John Kennedy. The party, for some time and especially in the last 10 years, has continued to move to the hard left. The party has morphed into the party of open borders, identity politics, socialism, political correctness, globalization and anti-Americanism. The current values of the Democratic Party seem totally foreign to this Tennessean.

Now Phil Bredesen's folksy TV ads tell us, if elected, he will be the one to change how things are done there. Right. There was a time when we could vote for a good candidate regardless of party affiliation. Unfortunately, those times are over. Mr. Bredesen, if elected, would only strengthen Chuck Schumer's far left caucus despite Bredesen's campaign rhetoric.

I would urge all voters, in the coming elections, to not vote for any candidate with a "D" after their name. The GOP has many warts, but, from my perspective, the country is in better hands when they are in charge versus Schumer and Pelosi.

James Nelson