Bredesen will be voice for the city and more letters to the editors

Bredesen will be voice for the city and more letters to the editors

October 8th, 2018 in Opinion Letters

Bredesen will be voice for the city

Soon Chattanooga's very own Bob Corker will leave the Senate. Whoever takes his place must take up his mantle and champion Chattanooga.

Congresswoman Blackburn has visited other parts of Tennessee and spent time on cable TV. But people in Chattanooga are concerned she won't represent us in Washington. She declined the opportunity to debate in front of us.

Why not show Chattanoogans that our issues are just as important as those in Williamson County?

This is why I think former Gov. Phil Bredesen is the obvious choice for Chattanooga. As a lifelong Republican, I voted for Phil when he ran for governor.

Hamilton County joined all other 94 counties and voted for him as governor when he ran for his second term. He worked with Sen. Bob Corker to bring the Volkswagen plant to Chattanooga.

In the U.S. Senate, he wants to empower Chattanooga's own TVA to expand rural broadband throughout the state. If Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn won't pay attention to us during the campaign, there's little hope she will in the Senate.

Chattanooga has had a strong voice in Bob Corker. I have faith that we will find another strong voice for Chattanooga in Phil Bredesen.

Bill Camden


Cosby drank the 1960s Kool-Aid

For anyone who seeks to understand the mystery of Bill Cosby suddenly revealed as #MeToo Bill Cosby, I recommend Tom Wolfe's "Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test."

In the 1960s "sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll" ethos it documents, celebrities such as Ken Kesey and Hugh Hefner saw themselves as risk-taking revolutionaries and assumed women they seduced understood the dangers of pursuing sexual and chemical freedom. Wolfe's book records cases when they were right and cases when the women flew over the cuckoo's nest.

Given that some of Cosby's alleged violations happened in Hefner's Playboy mansion, Cosby likely drank the drug-spiked Kool-Aid. Seduced by the ethos, he seduced within it.

Wolfe's genius is his inside portrait of how electric the revolution was and how, despite Kesey's promise of Utopian progress, no revelation was forthcoming. The movement proved to be a chemically induced delusion of grandeur as anti-climactic as glow-in-the-dark paint in the daylight after a Kesey rave.

A repentant Cosby matured beyond this adolescent fantasy into Mr. Huxtable, but as Americans came down from their flower child infatuation, he was found out for what were, always, his sins.

Dr. Brian Hale, Red Bank


Democrats showed lack of morality

In 1906, a mob of Democrats lynched a man from the Walnut Street bridge based on racial hatred.

Today, Democrats have tried to "lynch" Brett Kavanaugh, based on political hatred. Democrats willingly assaulted Dr. Ford by orchestrating a political smear campaign, forcing her to be publicly named.

Democrats led her to unethical lawyers who aided in "outing" her, against her clear wishes, even hiding the opportunity to be interviewed in private, in her home or anywhere else she desired. Privacy for Dr. Ford would not accomplish the Democrats' desire: continued smearing Judge Kavanaugh.

Democratic politicians and co-conspirators showed lack of ethics or basic morality.

Democrats decided in the 1980s Bork travesty that there is no need for honesty or ethics when they decide to do political attacks.

That is why, while I am not a member of either Democratic or Republican parties and will not ever be, I particularly despise the Democratic Party.

Jim Hill, Harrison


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