More positive reporting, please and more letters to the editors

More positive reporting, please and more letters to the editors

October 10th, 2018 in Opinion Letters

More positive reporting, please

Concerning your Statement of Core Values on A2: Do you actually believe that your paper reports the news on an unbiased platform? If you do, then why do I see all the negative about our president on the front pages of the paper and the positive things that he is doing on the back page in a 3-inch-by-3-inch column?

Example, Canada, U.S. reach free trade deal. If that would have been Obama, it would have been front page in bold lettering.

I'm not going to waste time going into all the great things this president has done for this country in a short period of time, but your paper is far from being impartial and your readers know it if they are truthful with themselves.

You are, however, the only choice we have, and my wife needs the New York Times crossword puzzle.

It would be nice for us conservatives to see a little more positive reporting about the things our president is doing.

Tom Fricke, Spring City, Tenn.


Clearly, 'Pastor Bo' hasn't moved on

A regular churchgoer, I seldom agree with "Pastor Bo's" columns. But his comments recently on the heels of the Kavanagh Senate hearing were truly egregious.

He devoted much of it to Genesis's tale of innocent Joseph's false accuser, Potiphar's wife; he also threw in the decades' old Tawana Brawley fiasco. It was pointedly directed against women's false accusations.

"Pastor Bo's" predictable defense of patriarchy couldn't disappoint more.

Women in the Bible have little voice, although it relates centuries of routine violence against them — rape, enslavement, prostitution, unconsented marriage, concubinage, and even dismemberment. Likewise the New Testament, which, excepting a few beautiful, liberating passages, mirrors the society around it. All extant Epistles are by men.

Like slavery, patriarchy is rarely addressed in biblical culture: It is assumed.

Clearly, "Pastor Bo" hasn't moved on. He significantly weighted protecting men over believing women. His reflexive defense of men was very telling.

Statistically, very few women accusers lie. Certainly all accusations must be investigated. Some will be false.

But "Pastor Bo's" emphasis was a moral failure, endemic to much institutional religion and particularly in evangelical and fundamentalist Christianity. It is among the many reasons people are leaving. With perfect reason.

Lisa Lemza


Why re-elect those with low ratings?

It seems when voters cast their valuable vote for Congress, they don't appear to care how Congress is performing. After a high of 39 percent approval rating under President Obama in March 2009, voters decided to put Republicans in Congress in 2010.

Since a 24 percent high approval rating in January 2010, it has mostly been below 20 percent.

We have had three congressional elections since and one coming up next month. So far, no matter how low Congress gets, we run out and re-elect the very ones who keep this trend going.

This time before casting your vote, ask yourself, are you happy with Congress and do you want to re-elect that representative who has been in for several election cycles? If you are for term limits, your answer is no.

Jack Pine, Dunlap, Tenn.