Free higher education? Think again. As Malcolm Muggeridge realized, when no one is deprived of education, its value "will sink to nil — one of the few benefits to be expected from the institution of free university education" ("Chronicles of Wasted Time: An Autobiography," 1972).

Muggeridge, English journalist, began with misinformed idealism of socialists in the 1930s. He experienced first-hand the horrendous results of government planned utopias in Italy, Germany and Russia. He was taken aback by multiplied millions of purges and the destruction of the middle classes.

It was a rude awakening for someone who began with the same misinformed idealism of today's radical left, as if governments can create utopia to solve social, economic and racial inequities. It always turns out that socialist governments run amok and ultimately destroy the false hopes placed in them.

The socialist dreams of the radical left, then and now, are detached from reality. Altogether, they expose the failure of higher education to provide historical fact about how the governed and those who govern compete in a fallen world. Instead, education administers an unmitigated dose of leftist propaganda: theoretical delusions.

Obviously, free education will be another nail in the coffin of higher learning.

Bob Miller, Signal Mountain


'Moscow Mitch', GOP won't stand up for USA

Russians have a loyal ally in their efforts to destroy America, Republicans. Russian's cyber war on our country began more than five years ago. Using massive "active measures" Putin has installed an easily manipulated and incompetent narcissist as our president.

Trump has worked tirelessly to destroy our nation's reputation, values, alliances and national defense. Likewise, he has attacked our country's social fabric by stoking racial hatred.

America, weighed down by Republican denial and cowardice, has not responded. Not only have we failed to retaliate proportionately, but we have failed to even defend ourselves in the face of ongoing attacks.

Recently, a Senate bill was introduced that would make failure to report a foreign agent's attempted collusion a crime. Comrade Marsha Blackburn went ballistic. She claimed that reporting a foreign agent to the FBI was too burdensome for a busy politician like herself and that she and her congressional colleagues should not be held to account for their failures in good citizenship.

Rep. Waters asks the most important question, "Who will stand up for America?" We know it won't be the spineless Republicans led by Moscow Mitch.

Terry Stulce, Ooltewah


Democrats, CNN have no clue on shooting solutions

I noticed that early on Sunday morning before any facts were uncovered about the mass shootings in two of our cities, and while people are grieving, the walking photo op of Beto O'Rourke and his rude CNN interviewer Jake (aka the snake) Tapper immediately brought politics front and center, when compassion and common sense were much needed — two qualities which neither of them have any clue about.

We need bipartisan solutions. This is an American problem that needs to be solved by Americans working together.

L.A. Wilson, Ooltewah