Recently, I have noticed televisions in several local "family" restaurants tuned to "extreme fighting" programs.

Really, proprietors? Blood, sweat, snot, knocked-out teeth? Bare-fisted pummeling, head-butting, kicking? This is considered appropriate entertainment suitable for the public's mealtime entertainment?

I've let management of these restaurants know my opinion about broadcasting such violence and gore and that I will vote with my wallet by not patronizing establishments that offer such fare. I encourage others to do the same.

The choices we make define us.

Paul Mallchok


Review Committee needs Rick Mincy

As a constituent living in Chip Henderson's City Council District 1, I am in agreement with his nomination of retired police sergeant Rick Mincy to the Police Advisory and Review Committee. I strongly believe his past 25 years of police experience will be invaluable in serving on the committee.

As a friend of Sgt. Rick Mincy, I believe he is a good and honest individual who can and will be objective in his review of cases and that his experience will actually broaden the perspective of the committee while still being objective.

I appeal to the two city council members who objected to his appointment to please reconsider.

Dr. Ron Morin


Reform ideas for guns, ammunition

Access to guns and ammunition contributes to gun violence. Their accessories enhance killing power.

The shooter in Dayton, Ohio, used an AR-15 with a magazine able to hold 100 rounds of ammo. The El Paso, Texas, shooter used an AK-47, which has a standard magazine capacity of 30 rounds.

I have a solution. Create a federal standard for magazine/chamber capacities (example, 10 rounds) for guns. It would apply only to new manufactured guns and accessories only.

The law would immediately ban the sale of non-standard items at all retailers. Unsold stock would return to manufacturers for processing once enacted.

This would not impact sales to law enforcement or the military. No buy-backs or confiscation from citizens would be necessary. It doesn't infringe on gun rights, but it does impact the destructive force of new guns. It is like President Trump's bump stock ban but more effective.

New licensing will allow individuals to get non-standard weapons/accessories (example, automatic weapons license). New sentencing laws will apply to crimes involving non-standard weapons and accessories (example, non-reducible felony charge).

This policy is real reform that respects the Second Amendment.

This isn't a bold idea, but it will save lives.

Nick Deslattes


Central American crisis inevitable?

When I was in fifth grade, we had one of those assemblies teachers complain are every week interrupting their lesson plans. The speaker was some assistant undersecretary of something in the Carter administration. I don't remember exactly. But I remember what he said because it puzzled me then and has angered me ever since.

He said some economic forces and population pressures I was too young to understand were going to make people from Central America migrate here, and we should just learn to accept them because we could not stop such a large scale movement.

More than 40 years later, I have learned he could have done something if he had wanted to, and I have wondered what he was even doing talking to fifth-graders about international affairs in a future beyond dodgeball and mystery meat. Of course, I know. He was propagandizing the teachers.

Given the betrayal my inner 11-year-old feels now toward adults who sat on their hands for 40 years, you can imagine my contempt for politicians who only after the crisis has materialized are calling for action but still refusing to take it.

Dr. Brian Hale, Red Bank


Modern Pharisees remaining silent

"They have taken away my Lord, and I don't know where they have put him." Mary Magdalene weeps across history, breaking the heart of God when "they," ICE agents, separate children from their parents during the first week of school. Left with fear and chaos, children weep asking the same question: "They have taken away my parents, and I don't know where they have put them."

This wooden-hearted Captain Ahab pursues the White Whale of white supremacy by craft and design to stoke the sea of troubles in a divided nation. Harpooned by a language unfit by any president, the ship of state is being overturned by a maniac.

Where is the Captain of poet Walt Whitman? Abraham Lincoln spoke "with malice toward none." Lincoln brought forth a "new birth of freedom" for a nation crucified by civil war.

Where are the witnesses for resurrection — resurrection of a nation? Are there just the false prophets, evangelicals who are blind and cannot see the wounds of a risen Jesus? Lost in the adoration of power, these Pharisees remain silent.

Even King Ahab wore sackcloth after being confronted by truth from Elijah.

Kemmer Anderson


Presidential choice has consequences

There are three branches of government. The legislative (Senate and House), the judicial (Supreme Court at the head), and executive (president). The legislative branch passes laws, the judicial rules on a law's constitutionality, and the executive enforces the law.

If you are a person wishing to immigrate to the U.S., you are required to get a temporary visa. There are education visas and work visas. If you wish to become a citizen, you pay fees; there is a waiting period; you pass a background check and finally pass a citizenship test. This is the law passed by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court.

This is the law the president is sworn to uphold. Anyone entering this country, no matter what race or nationality, without permission is here illegally.

If Democrats were able to pass an immigration law that allowed anyone to enter this country without permission and receive free medical care, free education, free housing, free food, the president will have to enforce that law. Is this the law you want the president to enforce? You will decide.

Jack Runge, Rising Fawn, Ga.


Don't imperil endangered species

The Trump administration just finalized regulations to dramatically weaken the Endangered Species Act — our most effective law for protecting wildlife in danger of extinction. Since President Nixon signed the law in 1973, hundreds of species have been saved from disappearing forever, including our national symbol — the bald eagle.

But the Trump plan weakens endangered species protections by making it harder to protect species listed as threatened, delaying life-saving action until a species' population is so small it may be impossible to save. These new rules also exempt climate change from key parts of the law, making it more difficult to protect the polar bear and many other imperiled species impacted by the effects of climate change.

Finally, the new rules make it easier for companies to build roads, pipelines, mines and other industrial projects in areas of critical habitat essential to imperiled species' survival.

The Trump plan was drafted by former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and current Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, both of whom are tied to industry lobbyists and plagued by ethics scandals. Please contact our senators and urge them to overturn the Trump endangered species rules.

Sally Moses, Signal Mountain