The Associated Press article that appeared on page A13 of Sunday's Times Free Press titled "Warren started by studying families who went broke" should have been identified as political advertising. It was nothing less than a paean to Elizabeth Warren. If your paper endorses her, you should state it plainly rather than attempting to hide it in the news section.

Then again, you may have thought it straightforward news, not recognizing your bias.

Larry Zeh


Time to hold pols to account for Trump

It was a well established fact before the 2016 election that Donald Trump was a lying, uncouth, mentally unstable, misogynistic, racist, and narcissistic buffoon. The election was appalling, and Trump's career in the Oval Office has been just as bizarre as any sensible person would have predicted. In the last few weeks, however, Trump and his administration have lurched from the merely bizarre into outright incompetence.

If Donald Trump exhibited this behavior as the head of a corporation, his board of directors and fellow officers would be working to replace him.

What can we as concerned citizens do to galvanize the cowardly representatives and senators who are willing to sit back and allow Trump's follies to continue? We need to be on their backs. We need to write, email, and make telephone calls to show them that they have constituents who are paying attention to what is going on and are appalled by it. They need to be reminded that their political careers will be judged by their actions during this critical period in U.S. history. And, of course, their inaction must be remembered and held against them when their names next appear on a ballot.

David Cofield

LaFayette, Georgia


Call them 'Forced Pregnancy' laws

So Tennessee is debating a law that would ban abortion, not at viability, as Roe v Wade states, nor even as some states now legislate, at the presence of a fetal heartbeat, approximately six weeks. Tennessee, in its magisterial religious zeal, proposes that fetuses be protected under the Constitution from the moment that a male spermatozoon has penetrated a female ovum. Yes, all pregnancies at every stage of development from about the time of intercourse on cannot be terminated without entangling criminal law and committing a Class C felony.

Why don't the legislators proposing these laws accurately name them? They are Forced Pregnancy laws, and they certainly don't belong in any American state's legal code.

Susan E. Kennedy