The last Democrat I voted for was JFK.

The party is being controlled by the socialist left. The Democrats used to be for the working people. They now do not know what they are for. I do believe after 2020 the party will be no more than a socialist nightmare.

The taxpayers are fed up with their lack of legislation for our country.

Ray Jones, East Ridge



Voters, don't fall for tax-the-rich talk

Listening to the Democratic candidates, all you hear is "vote for me and everything is free." Their plan to pay for the free stuff is to tax the evil rich. After all, these people are corrupt for being rich and must have earned it dishonestly, right? They must be criminals, right?

The subtle, underlying message against the rich is they have greatly succeeded in business by taking something that wasn't theirs. So, behind great fortune lies great crime. Someone who is morally wrong! But isn't it true that to succeed in business, the business must meet the needs and wants of the buyer? The better the invention, the better the success of the business.

My dad used to tell me: "Son, you can't have your cake and eat it, too!"

Can we have Bill Gates' computer invention and his billions? Why are things invented in the good old USA while people are starving in Communist-run countries? Why are millions fleeing their homeland and heading to our borders?

Election time is drawing near, folks, and freedom is at stake. Please think about it before you vote.

Ed Huber, Copperhill



Protect children from shifting drug war

Our nation's soaring drug war and families are sharing a lot of deep pain for profit, greed and state revenue for public marijuana laws. Teen drug prevention should be a national priority. How can we describe their future? The science and statistics of drugs on our nation's teens are clear and concise; our children can't survive addiction. We must not surrender them in a sinister, political marijuana "med-pot" direction. Our message should be that not using drugs is normal.

Parents and grandparents must take the science and evidence of teen addiction and drug injury and deaths, and remember they can't vote. We as a nation of civilized Christians are expected to fight this drug war for the safety of its children.

Chester Heathington



In 2020, vote to drain 'Swamp Administration'

In 2016, did America elect Donald Trump commander-in-chief, president of the United States, or did America knowingly elect Donald Trump "liar in chief"? Americans knew what they were getting. It was no surprise about what he was, who he was and still is today. The real surprise to America was Donald Trump winning the electoral vote in 2016.

When the truth is seen and heard right in our face, do we address it with a blind eye and deaf ear? Do we know and really care about doing the right thing and condemning the wrong? Have our moral standards and ethical values as a free and great society of people changed?

Donald Trump has referred to himself as the "Chosen One." Many of our congressional leaders (our governing body to ensure our democracy), justice department heads, judges, religious leaders and citizens have joined the Trump crusade, or for the lack of a better word, the Swamp Administration, to divide and destroy our country. Will history repeat itself in 2020?

God have mercy on America, the people of America and the world.

Donald Shirley, Chickamauga, Georgia