Obama's reluctance to send aid to Ukraine was a policy decision; Trump's withholding aid was for personal political gains, not policy, a huge difference.

I disagree with most of President Trump's policies on the environment, on immigration, on gun control, on just about everything. As a patriotic citizen, however, I support his right to formulate those policies.

When it comes to ignoring constitutional Congressional subpoenas or the separation of powers doctrine or, by his own admission, asking foreign officials to influence our elections, he is not making policies. He is spurning the Constitution he swore to uphold and defend and thus violating his sacred oath of office.

This cannot be allowed to stand if we truly believe in the principles, values and democratic ideals our country represents, not only to its citizens but to the whole world.

Trump's policies can be reversed through future elections, but his attacks on the Constitution, on the rule of law, demand immediate removal from office, lest his actions become precedents enabling future presidents to ignore laws and subvert our rights and freedoms.

Impeachment is apolitical, neither Democratic nor Republican, liberal nor conservative. It is constitutional. It is patriotic. Trump's behavior is none of these.

Ted Tumelaire, Walden


Wrath due nation over its many sins

What will happen to a nation whose men march to demand their rights to justify their sins. What will become of a nation whose Supreme Court justices have become perverse and have no just rulings? What will happen to a nation whose laws support men marrying men and women marrying women? What will become of a nation which slays its unborn children in the name of convenience? What will happen to a nation which promotes sodomy on its major television networks?

What will become of a nation which celebrates homosexuals on cereal boxes before their children's eyes? What will happen to a nation whose Christians have confirmed to the world, seek the favor of men rather than God, are ashamed to preach the gospel, who in the name of tolerance will not speak against wickedness, and who spend their time in entertainment but never a moment in prayer? What will become of a nation which has forsaken God, banned him from its schools, mocked him from their campuses and denied he created them? What will happen to a land that sins grievously against God?

The answer is simple; God will pour out his wrath against such a nation.

Michael Siemer


Back to the future; Webb for president

In the 1830s, Henry Clay said, "I'd rather be right than be president." In 2019, the Democrats are saying they had rather be neither. But it doesn't have to end this way. The majority of Democrats are either moderate or conservatives, not socialists.

In 2016, among the 22 presidential candidates of the two parties, the best choice was a Democrat, Jim Webb. He is a former U.S. senator from Virginia; was one of the most highly decorated Marine Corps officers in Vietnam, where he was wounded twice and awarded the Navy Cross, the Silver Star and two Purple Hearts; was assistant secretary of Defense and secretary of the Navy; was an Emmy award-winning journalist; was a filmmaker; and is the author of 10 bestselling books. He is a distinguished graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, in the top 1% of his class and on the boxing team, and attended Georgetown Law School.

In 2020, if nominated, he would carry all of the blue states and enough of the red states to win and become an outstanding president. Let's hope the Democrats wake up and nominate Jim Webb. He is clearly their best choice.

Hank Sunderland, Soddy-Daisy