I am writing to suggest that Chattanooga needs a mountain bike dirt jump park. Although there already are a few outdoor parks, adding one of these would bring another level of fun and would encourage the community to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

A dirt jump park would consist of a range of jump-lines for all skill levels, from small tabletops and rollers to large gap jumps.

There are many advantages to having a jump park in town, including an economic boost by attracting customers to shops around such a park. A park could also encourage more people to start riding bikes. Furthermore, it would allow for riders of all levels to advance their skills and challenge themselves. It would also bring the community together.

Who doesn't enjoy the idea of an afternoon hanging out with friends, riding jumps and having a good time? A dirt jump park would be a great addition to the already diverse array of outdoor activities around town.

James Wood, Collegedale


Find solace, tasty fish outside city

One only needs to walk along the Chattanooga Riverwalk downtown and see the countless signs warning of contaminated waters to know that catching and eating the fish swimming in the Tennessee River is a bad idea.

Fortunately, locals and tourists alike can find streams that are safe for the consumption of fish not far from the area. In the Cherokee National Forest, just a little past Cleveland, there are streams that go on for miles in which natural populations of rainbow, brook and brown trout can be found that are safe for human consumption.

Not only are these streams beautiful, but they can also offer solitude that cannot usually be found along the Tennessee River in the Chattanooga area.

Better yet, you can catch a fish and eat it without worrying that it will be your last.

Christopher Monteleone


'Feet of clay' not applicable to Trump

A Nov. 9 letter to the editor made the claim that certain biblical statements were apropos to our president. The phrase "feet of clay" was used as one example. I do not find this phrase in the Bible.

It does discuss feet of iron and clay. The 41st verse of the second chapter of Daniel states that the feet are strengthened by the iron.

While these verses in Daniel are prophetically descriptive of the final earthly kingdom prior to Christ coming back, they have no direct bearing on the strength or standing of our current president. Regarding "clay," I would refer all to Isaiah 64:8, which states " ... we are the clay, and thou (Lord) our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand."

I also refer readers to 1 Timothy 2:1-4.

Robert Vincent, Soddy-Daisy