It has never been a matter of if, but when, President Trump would be impeached. He cheated and lied in his business and personal life. He was a corrupt businessman, and he is a corrupt president. He has tried to play the victim during this process when he has no one to blame but himself.

What he has played is the American people, especially his base, and the Republican Party has let him get away with it. Meanwhile, Trump is being played by every despot and autocrat in the world, and he is too narcissistic and naïve to see through it, even while they are laughing at him. His handshake and photo op diplomacy has been a "disaster," to use one of his favorite words in his limited vocabulary.

I watched both the Nixon and Clinton impeachment hearings, and I have watched almost all of Trump's hearings. Congress could distinguish fact from fiction during the Nixon and Clinton hearings and were able to vote with country and the Constitution as its lodestar, not the next election.

Rebecca Rochat


Media too partisan to report correctly

It's sad and frightening to see how one-sided and partisan the media has become.

Your Thursday front page article closes with the words " ... Hunter, who worked on the board of a gas company in Ukraine ... "

Look, Hunter Biden knew nothing about the gas industry, the Ukraine or the language.

Who he knew was his father, the vice president under Barack Obama. And it was Biden, not Trump, who jerked the Ukrainian government around, withholding some aid until it fired a prosecutor. His son made a ton of money from that gas company.

I think presidential candidate Biden is the one guilty of high crimes.

Jeff Wilson, Ooltewah


Voters can have final say in Walden

Our Walden is a beautiful town with a few roadside stores, several churches and quiet neighborhoods. Mayor Bill Trohanis and Alderwoman Sarah McKenzie have just voted for a 44,000-square-foot supermarket, gas station and stores and called this group of detached buildings a village center.

Would Lookout Mountain or Signal Mountain have ignored (waived) zoning regulations and approved such a monstrosity? I doubt it.

The approval of this proposal may open the door to unrestricted development. Look for more waivers and more sprawl along Taft Highway.

Our town has for several years greeted visitors approaching Walden with an ugly parking lot full of yellow buses. Did our town enforce zoning regulations by disallowing the bus parking lot? No.

Our town board wasted the last two years without creating a growth plan for Walden's future. Must we have a big box store stuffed down our throats by our current board?

Do we want a (1) sensible growth plan for a beautiful town or (2) a haphazard proposal for a strip center that ignores laws, rules, vision, and good taste?

We can plan better and elect a better board. The mayoral election is 11 months away.

Joe Robbins Sr., Walden