"I don't want to see religious bigotry in any form. It would disturb me if there was a wedding between the religious fundamentalists and the political right. The hard right has no interest in religion except to manipulate it." That was said by the Rev. Billy Graham to Parade Magazine in an interview in 1981.

I wonder if he ever thought that the truth of his prophetic utterance would be proved in such a short time by so many evangelical pastors, including his own son, Franklin.

Joe Porter, Sewanee


Paper only speaks with one voice?

It was with a sigh of resignation I saw your Clay Bennett gallery Sunday. He's our guy, locally speaking, and brilliant. But he's also only one "perspective" of what should be the national discourse.

Nothing on that page about unemployment, the new trade deal, the stock market, the homeless, the rebuilding of our military. Why? Because it's not convenient and apparently beneath Mr. Bennett to step back and be objective on topics that affect us all.

If this is truly the only point of view that matters to this paper, end your hypocrisy and fire Free Press editorial page Editor Clint Cooper, abolish the right-viewing editorial page and wipe the "Free Press" name off your logo. I'm sure you'll feel much better about yourselves.

David Jenkins


Dems 'blew it' on impeachment

To all of the "woke" community of bicycle-only, militant vegan happy warriors (who only support but never volunteer to fight winless wars) from a SUV-loving (non-wind up/non-electric), hamburger/steak eating America-first patriot:

Congrats! Y'all really blew it.

First, impeachment is for high crimes and misdemeanors, not for winning an election (2016). The actions of the Trump-hating liberals will reduce impeachment, for which the threat drove Nixon to resign, to nothing more than a parliamentarian "vote of no-confidence." Better hope we never have a real crime committed by a future president.

Second, this "impeachment" will be utterly useless outside of Capitol Hill. The U.S. House and the U.S. Senate do not transform into a real grand jury or a real trial jury. It's just politics.

Third, we the "irredeemables" and "deplorables" will remember in November. This is beyond just political. Our vote does matter, and we do not like it when politicos try to overturn it.

Ronald Williams


Times' editorial missed the point

About The Chattanooga Times editorial on Dec. 24 (It's not a war on Christmas. It's the season of good will to all) concerning Christmas:

It is not about a spirit — a feeling of oneness and reverence.

Christmas is first and foremost about Jesus. He came not to usher in a heart-warming holiday, but to save us from our sins.

That is what makes it a very Merry Christmas, indeed.

Carolyn Nichols, Hixson