Socialism preferred to winning for Dems and more letters to the editors

Socialism preferred to winning for Dems and more letters to the editors

July 9th, 2019 in Opinion Letters

The Democrats snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the last presidential election. Among the five Democratic candidates was one who would have beaten any of the 16 Republican candidates by a wide margin. However, because the Democratic Party is infused with an obviously impractical level of radical philosophy it mistakenly calls liberalism, the strongest candidate realized he could not be nominated. So he withdrew.

Jim Webb, a former senator from Virginia, was one of the most highly decorated Marine Corps officers in Vietnam, where he was wounded twice and awarded the Navy Cross, the Silver Star and two Purple Hearts. He served as an assistant secretary of defense for reserve affairs and secretary of the Navy. He was an Emmy Award-winning journalist, a filmmaker and author of 10 best-selling books. He is a distinguished graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and Georgetown Law School.

Had he been the nominee, he would have carried the currently "safe" Democratic states of the West Coast, New England and New York along with most of the remaining states. He would have been an outstanding president. But the Democrats of today would rather be radically socialistic than victorious.

Hank Sunderland



Commission didn't vote our tax desire

Wait a minute! Something's not right here! Sixty percent of the people will agree to a tax increase to support our school district and its teachers, and our commissioners voted no. Sounds like no connection between voter and representative. It seems obvious, like all politicians, they say they represent you, but in the end, it's political affiliation and their opinion that counts, not ours.

Richard Blazak



Cartoon makes light of serious situation

H. Payne's July 1, Free Press political cartoon depicting Democratic presidential candidates constructing a "Dems 2020" ark atop a Miami skyscraper demonstrates a frivolous ignorance of the consequences "the great climate change" has made and will continue to make. The rising sea levels ridiculed in the cartoon are not the only predicted catastrophic results of an abused global environment.

Too many give too little notice of scientific predictions of the consequences of global warming. Already polar ice shelves are deteriorating and desertification is increasing. Rising temperatures and changing weather patterns are producing floods and droughts in places where such disasters have not been an issue. In turn, many insects necessary for pollination are in decline. Many areas are already suffering food shortages and famines. Migrations of plants, animals and even people are creating issues practically everywhere.

Denying human responsibility for global warming, the current administration pulled out of international environmental agreements. Executives and lobbyists of ecologically harmful industries have been appointed to positions and relaxed protections previously adopted. "The fox in charge of the hen house."

Profits are produced and jobs "trickle down" to the working public, but the environment continues to be damaged, perhaps irreparably.

Grady S. Burgner


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