If we keep letting in all of these thousands of immigrants, our country will go broke. If their countries are so vicious, why don't the men stand up and fight like the USA men have done so we could have freedom?

No, they want to come here where everything is free for them. We pay.

Nancy Wicker

Ringgold, Ga.


America needs a 'political enema'

If you graph freedom against taxes, you find they work in opposite directions. The lower the taxes, the higher our freedom! As taxes rise, our freedom goes down. A closer look finds the tax line is linear while the freedom line is exponential. We lose freedom faster as taxes creep up. When taxes go down (if ever), the economy catches fire! This brings me to the difference in our form of government and what's being proposed by Democrats running for president. I call it "SCP," short for socialism/communism/progressivism.

Suppose you are a high school graduate starting a new job. To prepare for retirement, your employer is required to pay a certain percentage of your earnings to the bank. You have no choice. When you retire, you've paid in tens of thousands of dollars; it's time to live on your savings. If you were to die, your family doesn't receive anything. The bank keeps it. If you live, the bank decides how much it will pay you. Obviously we would never let a bank get away with this, but welcome to the beginnings of "SCP" America.

Whether Ducktown or Washington, America is in need of a political enema.

Ed Huber



Pray that we see justice clearly

I've enjoyed the NPR podcast "White Lies." It tells the story of Jim Reeb, a white minister and civil rights worker murdered in Selma, Alabama, in 1965. Three men were tried and acquitted, and the case was unsolved until now. Yet, the white people in town knew who did it the whole time. Dozens witnessed the beating. The killers bragged to others. Yet no one told, not a single person.

I recently read the story of Charley Williams, a black man lynched in Chattanooga in 1885. Hundreds of witnesses saw the killers all throughout the terror. No one told. Out of hundreds, zero did the right thing.

It's easy and right to condemn the white people of Selma for the murder and cover-up.

I wouldn't have done that. We would never do that. Yet, based on the statistics, had I lived in 1965 Selma or 1885 Chattanooga, there's a 100% chance I would have been a coward with the other white folks.

I don't want to be like my ancestors, just in another age. I pray that I see justice clearly. That I would be convicted of my own participation in sin, repent and follow the truth.

Sam Gowin


Rationale for pay raise 'poorest excuse'

To U.S. Rep. Steny Hoyer:

It was reported on page A7 of the June 10 edition of the Times Free Press ("Congressional pay raise amendments roil House") that your reasoning for a potential pay raise for lawmakers was that staff salaries cannot exceed the salaries of lawmakers.

That is the poorest excuse for a pay raise that I have ever heard.

You lawmakers decide the salaries of your staff.

Are the taxpayers responsible for your decisions to overpay your staff and then use that as an excuse to ask for a pay raise for yourselves?

Glenn. G. Butler