I have seen the [recent] Democrats' debates, and I must say it is hard for me to believe that any American voter would vote for any of these people. 

Has our country come to the point that we are in favor of what the liberal left has come to? Are there people who will actually vote for these people?

If the answer is yes, then so be it, and hard working Americans have lost their country, and you can kiss your freedom and your grandchildren's freedom goodbye. I just could not believe what these people were saying.

Think hard and long when you go to vote next November.

Charles Fricke


'Attagirl' needs her dog tag replaced, please

I'd like to make a plea to city officials or whomever removed the name tag my running friend and I tied around the Walnut Street Bridge dog statue Monday morning. We love this dog, and many of us runners/walkers are motivated when we high-five its raised paw as we pass or cross the south end of the iconic bridge. It gives us more energy!

In fact, my friend and I decided to name the dog Attagirl, as we have developed a special place in our heart for her. We made a name tag and didn't expect it to stay on forever, but it lasted less than 24 hours — probably due to some sort of city ordinance (which we completely understand, but it's so tiny and non-offensive ... and, again, motivating) or perhaps someone just took it.

In either case, we'd love your help in putting out the word to track down the missing dog tag and have it returned.

Lori Dierig


Pro-choice mothers like slave owners

The Supreme Court Dred Scott v. Sandford decision said the U.S. Constitution did not include American citizenship for black people, enslaved or free. As a slave, Scott was owned by another human. Further, as a slave, Scott was only 3/5 human, based on the Three Fifths Compromise.

On Jan. 22, 1973, the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade "that unduly restrictive state regulation of abortion is unconstitutional."

The heart of the abortion issue is when does the unborn child become fully human: at conception or birth?

Dred Scott's losing in the Supreme Court meant he could not be free but would continue being owned. Only the defeat of the South in the Civil War put slavery to rest in the U.S.

Today, we are engaged in a contest of no less significance: Are unborn children deserving of all rights granted to all other humans, or are they only 3/5 human? Until that is resolved, pro-choice mothers are acting as slave owners. Her unborn child is her "property," and she can do with it as she chooses.

Edmond Long, Ringgold, Georgia


Our school board works for voters

In response to a recent op-ed by Board of Education member Kathy Lennon criticizing the five county commissioners who refused to support the recently proposed property tax increase, Commissioner Tim Boyd had this to say to Dr. Bryan Johnson:

"Tame your school board members when they want to degrade and disrespect the county commissioners who voted against the tax increase."

I would like to remind the commissioner that the school board does not work for Dr. Johnson. The school board works for the voters of their district, many of whom came out in droves to support the proposed budget. They asked their leaders to adequately fund education in their neighborhood schools, and their leaders responded by attempting to do so.

If facing criticism from another elected official is too much for Mr. Boyd, perhaps he should resign his position and impotently scream his opinions on Facebook and Twitter, where he is free to remove any dissenting views.

John DeVore, Hixson