I am amazed at how much hate the Democrats have for a fairly elected president. It started before he even took office, so it's stupid to blame it on anything but their unbelievable hate.

I'm 70 years old and have never seen so many awful actions and untruths, all because their savior was soundly thrashed.

Trump's not perfect, but he has our country humming, and not with Obama's low average GDP and his ton of regulations on industry. Take a hard look at Pelosi and Schiff and their despicable actions on this impeachment joke. You can see the China and Cuba governments in action. You may be watching our future unfold if we don't get off our rear ends and vote these kind of people out.

Herbert Braswell


Bennett's cartoons are welcome respite

I am so sorry to read of readers' dislike of Clay Bennett's cartoons. TFP, I want you to know that there are many of us (readers) who appreciate his cartoons.

This man is a purveyor of truth in humorous images. They are sweet savor to those of us who are so tired of a lying, slanderous, hateful, treasonous president in our White House. He is handing over our country to Russia, i.e., treasonous.

Bennett, keep them coming in the TFP!

Lois Whitehead



Retired colonel proud of Vindman

I am so proud of my Army today, not just for its role in the team that executed the amazing takedown of al-Baghdadi, but the unfolding story of the courageous acts of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

It is clear that Vindman is uniquely qualified to serve the nation on the National Security Council. But his superb qualifications are only part of the story. His character, character born of being raised by great parents, drove him to action. Doing nothing would be easy. This is what makes this officer so remarkable.

Having served in the Pentagon on the Army staff, I know firsthand the pressure that comes to bear in dealing with natural friction among the Department of Defense, the rest of the executive branch, and the members of Congress. It is easy to fold under the pressure. It is to his credit and our nation's great benefit that he stood firm against wrongdoing and took appropriate action.

One point has not been made in the news today. Vindman would not have been able to testify without the permission of the secretary of Defense, and I salute the legal counsel of the DoD in allowing him to go forward.

Joseph E. Huber

U.S. Army, Colonel (Retired)



Perhaps the GOP is not serving teens

State Rep. Robin Smith had the audacity to suggest that the rise in teen suicides was due to "leftist" policies. Interesting.

Republicans control two of three branches in the federal government and all three branches of Tennessee state government (with super-majorities in both the Senate and the House).

I would say it is more likely that teens are disillusioned because they see, correctly, that neither the federal government nor state government works for them.

David Jones