State Rep. Robin Smith intimates that youth suicide is caused by the left. Suicide is a sad and complicated issue, and there are probably as many causes as there are suicides. To use such a tragic issue to sow further political rancor is pitiful but unsurprising.

If young people have reasons to be uneasy, it is because they were taught to fear for their lives in school because Republicans do not believe in gun control, because they see climate change with their own eyes and know that Republicans do not believe in irrefutable science, and because Republicans demonstrate daily that persons of color, poor people, foreigners (except Russians) and members of the LBGTQ community have no place at the table.

Maybe they would like to hear the truth from their leaders for a change. Maybe they believe our great country should act with honor. Maybe they crave decency. I have much more faith in their generation than Mrs. Smith does, and I believe the young people of our country will demonstrate that such faith is well-placed when they help vote Mr. Trump and his vacuous followers out of office.

John C. Cavett Jr.


Bennett admired, has much material

I just renewed my subscription to the TFP, and one of the best reasons was to see what Clay Bennett comes up with about Trump. Lucky us, Clay has so much material to work with. He is great.

On another subject, I would like to suggest that the TFP find someone intelligent to write the opinion pieces on the right page. There is a lack of logic and truth missing. I also truly dislike the way the paper trots out the black and female writers when trying to defend the indefensible, Trump and his carpetbaggers. Good luck with that.

Vicky Alt


Democracy dies in the darkness

This makes me so upset. How can this be happening in America? The denial of due process — totally un-American. I believe Pelosi and Schiff are true anti-Americans and must be stopped.

What I can't understand is how are there so many in the House who put anti-American ideas before what has made this nation so great. It was not socialism that put them in office. Are they so blind as to how they got their wealth?

Well, it all boils down to the fact we are under the watchful eye of God. If American implodes, we will know where we stand with God as a nation. To whom much is given, much is required. I am a Christian and do not fear what man can do but what God can do. May God have mercy on America.

Jimmy Partain