This Chattanooga Business Improvement District law should have been voted down. All Chattanooga city councilpersons who voted on this should be voted out.

State Sen. Todd Gardenhire has already many questions about it. This is about money. Look at how fast [River City President/CEO] Kim White has been pushing for this — paying $25,000 to a Denver group, plus hiring a lawyer.

I agree with Sen. Gardenhire. The city should be providing these services anyway. Our business owners are being taxed twice. It's all about money.

Ronnie Proctor

East Ridge


And they tell us marijuana is bad

While watching TV the other night, I thought it very interesting watching the drug commercials. Reading the small print, the ad included all of the possible side effects of legal drugs that the FDA and Big Pharma and doctors are legally allowed to prescribe and sell.

The list includes excessive bleeding, bruising, tuberculosis, cancer, depression, thoughts of suicide, diarrhea, intestinal blockage, difficulty swallowing, speaking and breathing, eye problems, muscle weakness, life threatening conditions, allergic reactions, headaches, eyelid drooping and swelling, swelling of face and throat, severe rash or itching, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, lumps or swelling in the neck, pancreatitis, increased low blood sugar risk, nausea, vomiting, belly pain, decreased appetite, dehydration, kidney problems, vision changes, retinopathy, constipation, increased risk of blood clots, paralysis, tingling, numbness, changes in behavior, increased risk of death or stroke, high fever, stiff muscles, uncontrollable muscle movements, increased cholesterol, weight gain, unusual urges, decreased white blood cell count, seizures, impaired judgment or muscle skills, and swelling of the face, mouth, tongue or throat.

Marijuana has absolutely none of these side effects, but it is illegal.

Just saying...

John Logan


Will greed at Quarry have the last word?

Mountain Creek Road and Reeds Lake Road have become home for families that number in the thousands. Green space has disappeared at an alarming rate, and now it appears the last such green space will be disappearing. The Quarry Golf Course has been purchased by a local developer. Its plan is to, and I quote, "cram in as many doors as possible," to an area that currently houses streams, lakes, wildlife and the world's tallest post oak tree. Although this tree has been given the distinction of "Champion Post Oak" and recognized as such by the governor and state legislature, there is no protection from the developer's plans to clear cut and build.

The Friends of Mountain Creek organization has offered to purchase the property from the developer at a profit but was turned down. Greed is in play. This wonderful park will soon disappear, and the last green space in our neighborhoods will be history.

Mountain Creek Road is utilized daily by bikers, walkers and runners. The purchase plan/offer is still viable, along with conversion to a conservation easement that would protect it in perpetuity. Will greed win one more?

Jack Brooks