If you want to really see an example of a group that is insane, let's look at the socialist left. I don't dare call them the Democratic Party because it is clearly not the same party that I supported 40 years ago. It's no longer a party for the working middle class.

It seems that ever since President Trump has been in office the left has done nothing but waste taxpayers' money trying in every way to disgrace him.

Think about what this president has accomplished and what he could have had the left wingers given him just a little help. Our military is the strongest it has ever been, unemployment is the lowest ever, the stock market has set new records. He is trying to control illegal immigration.

Look at the candidates who are running for president. How can we afford free health care, pay off all college loans or give free college tuition?

President Trump has shaken things up in Washington, and the left and some Republicans don't like it. President Trump is what this country has needed for a long time. He has done more for this country than any president since Ronald Reagan.

Jerry Walls


Elder's commentary just GOP 'nonsense'

Larry Elder's commentary (Sunday, Oct 27) is just Republican nonsense hoping you have a low IQ or weak memory.

In 2018, billionaires paid 23% of their income in federal, state and local taxes. We got pennies from the tax cut. Don't believe it? Income inequality is at a 50-year high. Total consumer debt is a record high $4.1 trillion. Trump promised the average family would get a $4,000 raise from the tax cut — didn't happen.

With the tariffs, Trump may have ruined Obama's economy.

Medicare for all could save money. Its estimated cost is $2.5 to $3.2 trillion a year. In 2018 we spent $3.65 trillion for medical care.

Obama removed troops from Iraq because it was the deal George W. Bush negotiated.

Most Southern states get more from the federal government than they send in taxes to Washington.

When a woman or any other person other than Obama wins the presidency Larry may have an argument about privilege.

David Bean, Chatsworth, Georgia


Lead remediation efforts far from complete

Since becoming a student at UTC about four years ago, I have heard about Southside Chattanooga's issue with lead in soils year after year.

Learning about the severity of lead poisoning (especially with children) as well as the lead levels present in our soils, one would think everyone in these areas should know about it. Sadly, this is not the case. I am concerned there are not enough advocates and/or programs available to spread awareness of this issue.

For example, I know volunteers will canvas neighborhoods to try to spread awareness, and they have found that many residents are often clueless about the issue. I also recently read an article which discussed how EPA employees are struggling to gain permission to test tenants' soils because of language barriers and concerns that property owners will not approve of the testing for whatever reason.

I believe there should more efforts made by our city to reach out to these neighborhoods, eliminate the distrust and educate their citizens about the free remediation the EPA offers.

Miles Wilson