How do I say this? Hmm.

I am a Christian, and I know our Lord forgives folks for all manner of things we do. Then along comes someone who deliberately kills a friend of my daughter in such a heinous way that our hearts are forever scarred. Then said criminal sits on death row for 25+ years eating, sleeping, breathing, living on our dime and the nightmare this poor girl's family has lived (and some died) suffering through this nightmare. Tracy was denied the chance to eat, sleep, breathe and live the last quarter of a century.

Then for her family to have to watch the court system say hmm. Maybe we need to look at this case again. Poor man didn't get justice? He lost his chance to go free — second chance?

Well, I do not think so. He bought a can of gasoline, hunted her down and poured it on her, then set her on fire! He had his chance to change his evil mind before he threw that match into the car. Execute Lee Hall on Dec. 5, and let our Lord judge him.

Debbie Pataky, Lookout Mountain, Georgia


Democrats' policies to win would destroy USA

Republicans in Congress contend that the Democrats have no platform or strategy for winning in 2020. I disagree.

Besides believing impeachment will win them the White House, they believe and campaign for higher taxes, racial quotas, bigger government, open borders, more welfare and food stamps, affirmative action, racial reparations, crumbling cities, declining educational system, high unemployment, more rights for criminals, amnesty for illegal aliens, coddling Islamic terrorists, more "refugees" flooding in, government dependency, and leftist Supreme Court nominees.

These are all winning strategies that everyone should support — if you want to destroy America.

Gary Haye, Ooltewah


Writer misguided on gun dangers

In a Sunday letter to the editor, "Have a gun? It might kill you," the writer is telling all of the criminals that his home is unarmed, no firearms. That is an open invitation to them to rob, rape and murder your family. That wasn't wise or smart of the writer telling half-truths about the Second Amendment.

Don't you worry since your gun-owning neighbors and your gun-carrying police will come to do what you are too silly to do for yourself in defending your family and yourself.

Bobby Stanley, Hixson


'Fab Five' credited for standing firm

David Cook, I grow weary of you and others such as County Commissioners David Sharpe and Warren Mackey pushing a narrative from a poll that suggests some 65% of voters approve a new tax for schools. The poll you cite is nothing more than a public opinion poll conducted by Glen Bolger Strategies, where 400 people were contacted by cellphones and landlines. Now this may pander to low-information voters.

Another poll was asked of business and government leaders where 73% of 81 respondents thought a tax increase was a good idea. Government leaders; enough said.

To give the school board funding power would be an unmitigated disaster.

The largest current make-up of school board members does not understand that the superintendent works for them, or more precisely the taxpayers, not the other way around. This point will be abundantly clear come election cycle as groups like Hamilton Flourishing continue to educate voters to realities.

Our five county commissioners are a great check and balance to career educators whose other goals include rewarding their peers in the field with administration positions and bigger pay.

Hang on, Fab Five. We've got your back.

Ron Ray