I am livid!

I spent 11 years on active duty, including a year in Vietnam as a company commander, then I spent 17 years in the Army Reserve. During my time on active duty as an engineer officer before the Army actually involved trained lawyers, I served as a "trial counsel " (aka prosecutor), a "defense counsel," summary court officer, and president of a special courts martial. I was required, as an officer, to understand the Uniform Code of Military Justice and follow it.

As a leader, I made my troops aware of the requirements of the Geneva Convention, something I emphasized to my troops in Vietnam, especially when I heard them suggesting actions that would violate that treaty. I am a strong believer in the military justice system and the Geneva Convention.

The president has just overturned the decisions of military courts and pardoned members of the Armed Forces convicted of murder. This same president spends his time kissing up to thugs like Putin, Edorgan, Xi and Duterte while attacking our NATO allies. How can anyone support this man?

James M. Hemsley


Add Carl Levi to list of great CHS alums

How refreshing to read the great article about Brig. Gen. Carl Levi in your paper (Nov. 13, page B1: Chattanooga's National Guard Armory renamed to honor local veteran).

He has made quite an outstanding record in his 88 years.

I would like to add one more bit of information. He is one more outstanding member of the Chattanooga High School class of 1949.

Betty Owens


It's not the motive, it's the gun killing

As a retired clinical psychologist, I cannot understand the media's persistence in focusing on mass murderers' motives in coverage of mass murders. Motives are mixed. No motive exists in isolation.

The suspected shooter Nathaniel Berhow shot and killed schoolmates because he had a gun. Nathaniel himself could not give a true and unchanging reason or motive that could explain why he did it. A room full of his family members, psychiatrists and psychologists could not explain why he did it; his mother could not know why he shot and killed schoolmates with a gun.

There is no all-encompassing and unchanging motive for that act or for any other action. The media's reporting and the public's desire to read it have almost a wanton, in some cases a prurient, quality, and distract from what is necessary to understand the shooting. School children were shot and killed with a gun.

Unless guns are tightly controlled, neither children nor adults can be safe on the street, in school, in the workplace, in synagogue or church, in a park or anywhere else.

Faye Walter, Sewanee, Tennessee


Homeless freeze, but we house animals

It's pretty sad that $13 million will be spent on housing animals while the homeless freeze on the streets.

What a convoluted society we live in.


Sherri DeRose