I am a senior citizen, and I want my members of Congress to address skyrocketing prescription drug prices. There are bipartisan proposals in Congress to fix this — so this is the moment to finally enact legislation into law.

I don't understand why anybody ever thought that it was a good idea to restrict Medicare from being able to negotiate prices.

And what does it say when Americans are finding it financially better to travel to Canada to buy their prescriptions? It makes me mad to think the drug companies can overcharge me and then "donate" that overcharge to political campaigns that will keep their price monopoly in place. Now is the time for true congressional members for the people to fix this.

Steve Creswell



Cartoonist talented, but flawed by bias

Clay Bennett is a brilliant, thought- provoking, award-winning cartoonist, and to be recognized by his peers for his achievements is a high honor.

Although Bennett does not hide his strong liberal bias, his accuracy is always laughable, like Nov. 24, 2019. There was no bribery by Trump.

One of the best of many examples of Clay's ridiculous bias was when he once vilified Republicans being responsible for the Flint water crisis. Michigan's governor at the time was a Republican. However, the Flint city council was all Democrat, with several of those members having dubious criminal records, including felonious assault and a convicted murderer. These were elected officials.

There's your sign!

Warren Daniel


Remind our reps of their sworn duty

I was transfixed by the recent testimony before the House Intelligence Committee by Ambassador William Taylor and Assistant Secretary George Kent. Transfixed, but also appalled, as were all thinking, patriotic Americans. It is now beyond doubt Donald Trump violated his oath of office by seeking to use the power and authority of the United States government to achieve his political goals.

This is not the first time Trump has misused the powers of his office, but it is certainly one of his most blatant offenses against the Constitution. It is time to take constitutional action to remove him from office. Patriotic citizens need to contact their representatives in the House and insist they vote to approve the forthcoming articles of impeachment. They also should contact their senators and remind them of their duty to serve as honest jurors in Trump's upcoming trial, and since an honest juror will have no other choice, vote to remove him from office.

To do anything else is to descend to moral and intellectual bankruptcy. History will judge the actions of our senators and congressmen, and we must remind them to be on the right side of history.

David Cofield

LaFayette, Georgia