On Nov. 14, my Oldsmobile caught on fire on Morrison Springs Road in Red Bank.

I want to express my gratitude and even possibly owe my life to the gentleman and his wife who alerted me to get out of the car because it was on fire and called 911.

I also want to thank the Red Bank police officers and fire department for their courteous and professional assistance.

Thank you so very much.

William Banister


Walden should allow recall of leaders

The Town of Walden remains intensely divided over a controversial strip center development at the former Lines Orchid property. The town's current outdated charter complicates the efforts of Walden residents who want to seek a more appropriate, thoughtful and well-planned use of this property, which we believe can be achieved first by long-range land-use planning followed by a competitive open bidding process by potential developers.

When Walden was incorporated in 1975, the charter specified a three-member board composed of the mayor and two aldermen. The original charter made no provision for referenda or recall of the mayor and aldermen. The rationale behind this was that with elections being held every two years, voters would be able to exercise their pleasure or displeasure with their elected officials at the polls fairly frequently.

Then, in 2016, Walden moved to four-year terms, but made no corresponding provision in the charter for referenda or recall, effectively insulating our current board from consequences of the short-sighted decision by Mayor Bill Trohanis and Alderwoman Sarah McKenzie which ignores the will of the residents and which will transform the town forever. The charter must be updated to provide for referenda and recall.

Barby Wilson


We have Russian puppet as president

As a result of the impeachment investigation, we have learned that Trump is a crook and he has surrounded himself with incompetent, cowardly and unethical enablers. His criminal conspiracy at the top of American government includes the vice president, the chief of staff/director of Management and Budget, the secretaries of State and Energy, and most damaging of all, the Justice Department.

This entire criminal organization is zealously defended by Republican lapdogs spreading Russian propaganda. Trump's surrender to Putin in Helsinki was only the beginning of the Russian destruction of America. Since then, Trump has surrendered to Russia in Syria, abdicated our influence to Russia in the Middle East, sabotaged Ukraine's war effort to save the country against Russian invasion, and all but abandoned NATO to stand alone against Russia in Europe.

Our forefathers wisely anticipated a criminal getting in the White House. They could not have anticipated a cyberattack on our election, the installation of a Russian puppet as president, nor the rapidity with which our government was sabotaged.

Our Justice Department has been neutered. Our judiciary is working on a 17th-century clock. We are in trouble. We have become a criminal kleptocracy.

Terry Stulce


Impeachment saga not reported fairly

Re: "GOP assails aide who reported phone call" (Nov. 20): So that's what your wire service report got from 10 hours of testimony [Nov. 19]? Did it miss that no other witness characterized "the conversation" as a "demand"?

Was Alexander Vindman"s testimony that he did not report his concerns "up the chain of command" but rather to an NSC legal eagle worth only a mention in paragraph 12? The report characterized this lapse as a criticism of Republicans rather than a serious breach of the USMCJ.

Did writers conveniently forget Vindman and Adam Schiff danced around references to the "whistleblower" when Vindman was cataloging to whom else he reported his concerns?

Did they go get coffee during most of the exculpatory testimony of Timothy Morrison and Kurt Volker? Morrison's statement was presented that the president's call would "not play well in polarized Washington" as further evidence of the negative aspect of the call rather than as evidence of the Dems' vindictiveness.

If the TFP is going to "report" the news on the front page above the fold, do it, as your masthead proclaims, "Impartially, without fear or favor" — and I might add completely.

Beverly M. Richards, Trenton, Georgia


Only way to heaven is through Christ

Re: "What happens when we die?" story in the Nov. 23 Times Free Press.

Christopher Johnson from Texas University got one thing terribly wrong in this article. He said "the four different faiths maintain human thought or good behavior leads to happiness or heaven and that evil thoughts or behavior lead to pain, torment or separation from God."

The Christian gospel teaches and its faith is built upon the tenet that the only way to heaven is through belief in Jesus Christ. John 14:6: "Jesus answered, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.' And our "good thoughts and behavior" — Ephesians 2:8: "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith, and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God, not by works, so that no one can boast."

There is only one way to heaven ... Jesus.

Kim Nichols


Apostle Paul told of bureaucracies

Part of the fallout of the ongoing impeachment inquiry is renewed attention to the federal government existence of a "deep state," meaning the influence/power of career bureaucrats in the many federal agencies. (Note: "Bureaucrat" means the power — kratos in Greek — of those who sit at desks, or bureaus.) Whether a bureaucracy wields power to thwart and overthrow a president is debated, but several truths are beyond debate.

Civil government is composed of people — it cannot be otherwise. "Government" is not some abstraction, aloof from the preferences/biases of those who administer it, collect/distribute tax dollars, hand down sentences, etc. Thus, "government" will always reflect the attitudes/values of those in positions of power, elected or not. Furthermore, those wielding power will always bear the power of the sword; government without the power to enact/enforce its will is no government at all. Yes, these are the words of the Apostle Paul (Romans 13), but everything in history points to their truth.

So, in the debate about a deep state, or expanding the reach of the federal government (Medicare for All, etc.), we are remiss in forgetting these unalterable facts.

Gary Lindley, Lookout Mountain, Georgia