Discipline problems in schools? Throw money at it! It is not a Hamilton County problem; it is a national problem. 

Why have things gotten so much worse? The family unit in America has been eroded away.

One-parent households are the norm in many places, and in poor neighborhoods, the gang leader is the parent. What is the answer?

I don't know at this point if there is one, but it is evident throwing money at education to take care of it isn't working. If you want a wheel tax, maybe it should be one to build more jails and prisons.

Joe Kirkpatrick, Cleveland, Tennessee


Collaborate to save air ambulance bases

On Aug. 15, I was working in Grundy County when I lost my balance and fell 15 feet on my head. I had a C1 burst fracture and a C2 break to my spinal cord. If I hadn't been airlifted to Erlanger, a Level 1 Trauma Center, I might have been paralyzed.

Having worked as a firefighter/first responder, I knew I needed help fast. With spinal injuries, getting immediate care is crucial.

Working in rural Grundy and Franklin counties, I've loaded many patients onto air ambulances who probably wouldn't have made it if they had been transported by ground.

The Senate is considering The Lower Health Care Costs Act to address surprise medical bills, but the proposal could result in air ambulance bases closing. We don't need medical providers charging anything they want for services, but having the government and private insurance companies dictating rates is not the solution. Why don't we encourage providers and insurance companies to work together to determine rates fair to patients and businesses?

Join me in asking Congress not do anything to close our air ambulance bases and not get people the prompt medical attention they need.

George Trussell, Decherd, Tennessee


When will Trump insanity finally stop?

What else does Donald Trump have to do to be removed from power? He is already facing impeachment from Congress over Ukraine. McConnell has his back, but that is fragile.

Trump has charged California and several other states with not complying with the weaker and dirtier carbon emission standards set by the federal government. This deed comes after abruptly pulling our nation out of the Paris Agreement with many nations on global climate change.

The writing is on the wall with recent bizarre weather events that something bad is happening.

Trump has not only destroyed the hard-fought Iran agreement but also refused to let other nations comply with the accord, while he provokes war with Iran.

The most recent tragedy is what we all should be deeply concerned about. Over objections from Lindsey Graham and many prominent Republicans, he abandoned the Kurdish fighters. The Kurds fought ISIS alongside Americans, and lost thousands in that fighting.

Tillerson, Mattis, Cohen, even Stephen Hawking, along with several others have warned our nation of the dangers of Donald Trump.

The Donald Trump businessman and president both reek of treasonous deceit. So how far should true Americans let the insanity continue?

Roger Shipley, Ringgold, Georgia